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Where do you get cheap insurance for a scaffolder?

Although the building trade has long been recognised as one of the most dangerous industries to be in, scaffolding has a surprisingly good safety record over the last few years. Much of this improvement is down to better training and a general tightening of health and safety practices on building sites. Accidents still happen though, and the potential for serious problems is high.

Scaffolders often have to work in bad weather, and there are often time pressures; no site agent wants work held up because a scaffolding team fancies a tea break, especially where other people's bonuses are at stake! Building sites themselves are not the safest places to work in either, with their mud, excavations, trip and fall hazards, constant deliveries, and other contractors working overhead. The right insurance is a must; but how, and where, to get the right policy, at the right price?

So-called 'off the peg' policies exist but one size never does fit all. You may spend most of your time putting up simple tube scaffolding around single houses but what if you are asked to do high rise work, throw out cantilevers, support unstable walls or buildings, or any of the innumerable tasks that a scaffolding firm may be asked to take on? Will your insurance cover these? The only way to be sure is to consult the experts.

Buying ready made policies online has become fashionable but most business insurance is still arranged in the tried and tested way; a broker with access to numerous insurance companies chats with the client, finds out what sort of insurance is necessary (and what isn't) and then finds policies for that client to consider. A tailored policy like this means there is less likelihood of you paying for cover for risks which are not relevant to your business, but just as importantly less likelihood of you suddenly finding that the catastrope that just happened is one you were not insured for!

Buying through a broker can save you money too. Most will not charge you for their services; they get a commission from the insurer, who would probably charge you the same if you bought direct anyway. They may suggest ways of cutting your overall insurance bill by combining several packages into a single policy. They can search many insurers for the best cover and prices to suit your individual business needs.

With 35 years' experience of the building trade (plus my father spent most of his life as a scaffolder, working for John Laing) we know the industry pretty well by now! Aso: we don't deal with a single broker. We have a whole panel of them, each one with their own contacts with insurers, and their own specialised expertise. And every one is fully authorised by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, meaning that they are committed to behaving in a competent and ethical way towards their clients.

Why not put our system to the test! Let us have a few details about you and your business, and you will be put in touch with a friendly broker who will chat with you to find out exactly what you need, and then search for suitable policies that you can consider. Click on the quote button now.

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