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Searching here for very cheap car insurance may save you a lot of money. Don't pay too much for your policy when you might slash your premiums by looking for the best prices!

Some of the lowest cost policies can be found by comparing quotes from top UK insurers.

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Which is the cheapest car insurance company in the UK?

No insurer offers the lowest quotes to everyone because (a) they have different ways of calculating premiums and (b) most of them prefer to deal with particular types of motorist. For instance some provide rock botton quotes to older, more experienced drivers with good safety records but discourage younger or less experienced ones, who are more likely to make claims, with higher prices. Conversely, others may target higher risk customers such as high performance or sports car owners because of the high premiums that can be charged.

This is why getting prices from many different insurers could save you money so click here to compare multiple quotes.

Can NHS staff get cheaper car insurance?

Nurses, doctors and other NHS staff are usually offered better premiums that most people anyway because they tend to be more responsible people who care about the welfare of others, so they are more careful about keeping them safe on the roads as well in the wards. As a result of the Covid epidemic however hospital staff have had a more difficult task and to thank them some insurers have reduced premiums for them. As usual, to find the lowest quotes you should compare multiple ones which you can do using our simple cheap price comparison tool. Make sure you fill in your occupation correctly and you may have a pleasant surprise!

Can I pay for my policy monthly?

Most insurers allow payments to be spread over anything up to 12 months. However monthly payments attract high interest or management charges and some insurers won't accept them anyway, so you could miss out on good deals.

Click here for more information on paying monthly with low deposits.

How do I find the best low cost car insurance deal?

Most motorists pay too high a premium, whether they are young drivers, learners, or very experienced ones, but there are ways of saving a lot of money, without buying substandard cover.

Comparing prices from the car insurance market's leading insurers isn't enough; to get really cheap insurance there are a few more things you can do, to get even lower quotes.

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Finding Cheaper Car Insurance - Checklist

Is it cheaper to buy a policy before I need it to start, rather than at the last minute?

Research shows that avoiding buying at the last minute can result in much cheaper quotes. Insurers feel that well organised people, such as those who arrange insurance in good time, have less risk of accidents which means lower premiums.

Are electric cars expensive to insure?

They can cost a lot more to insure than their petrol driven equivalents. There are several reasons for this - see our Insuring An Electric Car page.

Are price comparison sites reliable?

Even the biggest ones make mistakes and you could be buying less benefits than you think. Also some of them make certain assumptions which may be incorrect in your own case, meaning that they might show wrong quotations. Always check the insurer's policy documents before handing over your money. They should be easily available.

Bear in mind that some price comparison sites are actually owned by insurance companies. click here for quotes from a completely unbiased one!

Does being registered on the voter's list lower premiums?

Some companies increase premiums if they can't verify the applicant's identity, particularly if a 'pay' monthly' policy has been applied for.

Should I enter my driving licence details when getting a quote?

Entering your licence details is optional on most price comparison sites but if you do so it gives you extra credibility which can lead to cheaper quotes.

Do I have to buy car insurance for a full year?

Short term car insurance is available and although it costs more on a day to day basis it can be more economical if you only need cover for a short time. You can get quotes for between one and 28 days cover from

Should I add a more experienced driver to my policy?

This sometimes cuts premium prices considerably since insurers feel that the more people taking an interest in the car the better it will be looked after.

Does my exact job description matter?

If there is more than one way of (truthfully) describing your job see if one of them results in cheaper quotes.

Should I search for comprehensive prices first, even if I want third party only?

Some insurers are wary of people who ask for 3rd party quotes, and it's sometimes more expensive anyway. Get comprehensive quotes first.

Do car modifications really matter?

Insurers don't like even the smallest modifications since even, for instance, fitting new alloy wheels can affect a car's handling and steering.

Are multi car policies worth buying?

Some insurers offer worthwhile discounts for this. All the cars to be covered usually have to be registered at the same address.

Should I fit a dashcam?

You may get a discount and even if you don't it could come in handy if you have an accident and there's a dispute over liability.

Does offering a higher voluntary excess lower quotes?

Remember though that if you have an accident that you're at fault for you will have to pay this, in addition to any compulsory one, so use this tactic carefully.

Should I consider a 'black box' policy?

If you drive carefully premiums may be reduced but if you do not they may go up so again handle with care.

Are modern cars more economical to insure?

Many of them contain safety features that not only put the car into a lower insurance group (which means lower premiums) but can help protect you, your passengers and other road users too.

Should I beware of 'hidden extras'?

Are you sure you will not want to change your policy mid-term, ie for a new car or address change? Some insurers charge a lot for this, some little or nothing. These charges must be clearly dispayed in the policy documents which are made available to you before you buy the policy.

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Should I buy the cheapest possible policy?

We usually get what we pay for. If you are offered a really low price by a company you have not heard of at least do a search for reviews of them; you may find that they cut their prices to the bone but offer a poor service in return.

One day you may need to ask your insurer what to do if you are involved in an accident or how to make a claim against your policy. Some insurers are better than others at answering queries promptly andpaying up easily, with the least fuss. Before you actually buy that policy it may be a good idea to type the name of the insurance company into your favourite search engine and see what other people say about them.

Also: insurance scams are rare but they do happen. Be wary of advertisements on social media offering crazy cheap prices; if it looks too good to be true, it probably is! A common fraud is to impersonate a genuine insurer or broker and the unsuspecting motorists only find out about it when they are pulled over by the police who tell them that they are driving without insurance; or when they try make a claim but find that the 'insurer' has disappeared. Never deal with a company that operates out of a mobile phone number; asks you to pay by any method other than by credit card; or which rings or emails you out of the blue to offer really reduced prices.

How do I check that an insurer is genuine?

If you have any doubts do an online check with the Financial Conduct Authority or any relevant trade association that the company is genuine, and operates from the same address that it is registered at. For instance We are members of the prestigious British Insurance Brokers Association (our membership number is 007759) and we are introducer appointed representatives registered with the Financial Conduct Authority number 765239 (you can check that on the FCA website) .

Do I have to accept the optional extras that are included with a new policy?

Many quotes on price comparison sites include extras such as legal representation or a free courtesy car in the event of an accident. If you really want these then, fine, but you can always ring the insurers and ask for a discount if they are removed; some will, some will not but it is worth a try and may save you money. Also, insurance company sales staff can offer price reductions to tempt you to buy these or other extras but remember that when your next renewal date arrives you may be charged full price for them. In this way, that bargain priced policy can become an expensive one extremely quickly.

Can I haggle over a renewal premium?

Insurers want you to stay with them. After they have spent money on expensive advertising they do not want you to leave them for a cheaper company so they try to lock you into automatic renewals. If you refuse to let them do this you will be free to haggle, and quite often just ringing your current insurer, and telling them that you intend to compare prices, can result in a substantial reduction in your premium. If they will not give you a discount (and most will) then it is time to shop around.

Should I pay extra for a protected no claims discount?

To push up the price of an otherwise low cost policy many insurers offer a guaranteed no-claims bonus in the event of a claim. Most people think that if they pay for this, and then they do have an accident, their premiums will not increase. They are wrong.

A no-claims bonus is a percentage that is taken off the basic premium. If that NCB is protected then it will still stay the same; an existing 35% reduction is stll 35%, 60% off is still 60%. However the basic premium is going to increase substantially. In other words, rather than the total premium staying the same after your little bump, it will still increase, possibly by an awful lot. Do not fall for it.

Do I have to tell my insurer about every little bump I have?

Strictly speaking, you should tell them about every little accident. This is true even if there was no damage caused, even if you paid for it yourself, even if another driver admitted liability and paid for any damage to your car. The reason is: the insurer is concerned with the likelihood of you having an accident in the future. If you have had a minor collision but paid for the damage yourself, then (in the eyes of the insurers) you are still more likely to have more mishaps. What they do not know about, they cannot worry about, but it is usually a condition of every policy that you are completely upfront about every crash, minor or otherwise, that you have been involved in. So, again, you should let them know. Will you? It is up to you.

Is it cheaper to buy short term car insurance?

Temporary car insurance can be used for insuring a car for between a single day and four weeks. However it costs an insurer in overheads as much to set up a policy for a few days as it does for a standard 365 days one so on a day-by-day basis a short term policy is dearer. However it can be a very economical option for people who only need to drive a car for a few days or weeks. You can get more information from this temporary car insurance site.

Do price comparison sites always offer the best bargains?

Most vehicle insurers and brokers have special offers from time to time, and sometimes these are quite generous. The problem is that there is no way of telling when they will be available. This is a good reason to use a price comparison engine, because it will get you quotes from a very large number of insurers which should include their latest offers.

However, how impartial are they? Remember that most larger comparison sites are owned by insurers who have their own products to promote. Are their results really impartial? Do they necessarily show the cheapest price available? Remember that none of them compare policies from every single insurer in Britain, and many (most) only display offers from those that pay them a commission. Someone, after all, has to pay for those lavish TV adverts. So, sometimes you will get a better price from a small broker (if you can find one) particularly if you have had a number of accidents or convictions, you have medical issues to take into account, you drive a rare or valuable car, or you differ from the normal motorist in any other way.

What type of cover should I buy?

There are three main types of car insurance:

  • Third party only
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Third-party only provides just the absolute basic minimum cover required by law. This means that if you are involved in an accident which was your fault the insurance company would pay out for any damages to property belonging to other people, or any injuries that they sustain. It would not however pay for any damage to your own vehicle or property.

Whilst third-party cover used to be the cheapest option, and very popular, insurers found that the level of claims they had from customers with this type of cover was far higher than for comprehensively insured people. As a result premiums have risen substantially and many companies will not offer these policies at all. They usually represent very poor value for money.

You may wish to consider this low level of cover if your own car is not worth a great deal and you do not wish to be bothered with having to make any payments yourself in the event of an accident.

Third party fire and theft increases the cover somewhat; if your car is stolen or destroyed by fire (but not damaged in an accident) the insurer will usually pay for necessary repairs or replacement. There is, however, usually an excess that you would have to pay in respect of this, but you would still not be expected to pay anything towards third-party claims.

Fully comprehensive policies offer the highest level of protection to you. If your car is damaged in an accident it will normally be repaired or replaced by the insurer. There is, however, almost invariably a fairly substantial excess payment that you have to make in the event of any claim to make for damage to your own property or other losses you incur, such as car hire. However, most policies allow you to drive other vehicles other than the one that you have insured from time to time, although it is important to check your policy to confirm this, and to make sure that there are no restrictions.

These policies also usually include replacement of damaged windscreens (again, usually subject to an excess payment) and optional benefits such as courtesy cars whilst your own is off the road following an accident, roadside assistance if you break down or perhaps legal cover if you need the assistance of a solicitor for a problem connected to your motoring.

To give you a quote, insurers will need information about the following:

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