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Hi, thanks for dropping by to say hello. We are an enthusiastic group of insurance people and web designers. Perhaps uniquely on the Internet our principals are all over 70! We see this as a great advantage; we were all in business long before the Internet came along, and then we have watched it developing right from it's very beginning. This has given us an unrivalled opportunity to consider not only the traditional way of business, but the new one as well. Sometimes a mix of the two is the best way to proceed.

We believe that people prefer to do business with other people rather than nameless websites! Having said that, there is no way to deny that the Internet has brought enormous advantages in presenting facts, products and services to a huge audience at a reasonable cost. We would not be human however if we didn't miss the personal interaction that we used to enjoy so much back in the old days.

To introduce our two principal actors: Jon is an insurance man from the old school, who cut his teeth knocking on doors to collect monthly payments from a company called Time Insurance. No slick online payments here; the customers put a regular two shilling piece into a clock, without which it would stop! Jon collect these payments regularly, and they would be paid into an endowment policy. It was hard work and involved a lot of travelling but he got to know an awful lot of customers over the years and he still yearns for the old days when he could be guaranteed at least seven or eight cups of tea every evening!

Peter, at a mere 71 years of age, is the baby of the company. Whilst perfectly normal in every other way he has an obsession for creating images of cars, people, monsters and other strange objects and beings in unusual, and sometimes impossible, environments. It would be good to say that the images below are genuine photographs, but no such luck; they were all produced electronically, and finished off using good old Photoshop. Well, he could have worse hobbies.

The rest of our staff are a mixture ranging from school leavers to middle-aged parents, husbands, wives, partners and friends. We all have one thing in common however. We are all human beings, not just automated bots at the end of an e-mail address. If you want to get in touch with us for a chat you would be very welcome!

Like to contact us?

If you wish to make any comments or suggestions about our website you can write to us at Customer Services, Prudent Plus Ltd, Booths Hall, Booths Park, Chelford Road Knutsford Cheshire WA16 8GS or Please note though that we are a price comparison site, not an insurance company; so much though we'd love to help we cannot answer queries about any insurance policies and for privacy reasons we don't even have any records of who bought what from whom so we won't even know who your insurer is. It's not from choice; we have to obey the sensible and strict privacy regulations, like all the rest of us, so please contact your insurer if you have a problem or query about a policy.

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