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Buying van insurance

Buying business and commercial van insurance will protect your business against the financial costs in the event of damage or an accident and is essential for all drivers of vans, trucks, heavy goods vehicles, minibuses and coaches. However, business and commercial insurance policies are not the same as personal car insurance products. Finding the right insurance product for your business model and commercial needs will depend on a number of key factors.

What type of policy will you need?

If your van is not going to be used for work, then a social, domestic and pleasure policy would be sufficient. It is the cheapest type of van insurance, but it is limited in protection, and means you could not use your van for work, including the carriage of business goods.

If you wish to carry goods, then there is a clear distinction between carrying your own products, raw materials, tools etc; and carrying someone else's. In the latter case your insurer should want to know whether these goods were particularly hazardous, or valuable, and you should look into having Goods in Transit cover to protect them. Your clients will of course expect this.

Which factors will you insurers want to know about?
The products you carry on behalf of other people may be fragile, or perishable if subjected to heat, or cold conditions. Your clients and insurer should also wish to be assured of the ways in which you will protect your cargo.

The mileage that you will cover will be a significant factor that your insurer will consider. Light, local deliveries are one thing; delivering large loads over long distances can put your policy into a higher price bracket altogether. Driving for long periods over unfamiliar roads, often with a tight schedule to keep to, can cause tiredness, risk taking and excessive speeds, none of which are attractive to an insurance company.

The driver, or drivers, will be another important factor. You may drive the vehicle yourself, have named drivers, or even need an 'any driver' policy. All of these bring different levels of risk for your insurer.

Your insurer will probably want to know what your parking arrangements are during the day. If you are delivering goods regularly to the same secure areas then there is far less risk than if you are taking them to a different site each time, with the risk of the vehicle being left unattended on a roadway during meal breaks, etc.

Getting value for money

What all this boils down to is that, in order to get the best possible policy to suit your needs, at a reasonable price, your insurer may want a lot of information from you. If you have simple requirements, then buying a policy online may be the most cost-effective way to proceed, but if in doubt you may wish to speak to a specialist insurer, if only to keep on the safe side.

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