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Our Privacy Policy

Prudent Plus Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy of every one of our clients. According to the Data Protection Act (1998), any transactions must be in compliance with all current rules and regulations. Our professionals take every step to ensure that we adhere to the highest of industry standards while protecting personal and sensitive details.

We manage this information in a two-fold manner:
  • All of our present security features and protocols protect this data within a secure framework.
  • Our staff will adopt all available methods to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing this information.
  • Client and Third-Party Consent
  • Those who submit details into this portal acknowledge that we will hold and process this data. It is also recognised that we may share it with our authorised partners to provide the visitor with specific services and products. These partners will all be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
  • Any information supplied to us in regards to other individuals must only be done so with their prior permission.
There are nonetheless some instances when we may share this information with other parties. Examples include:
  • If our staff believes that failure to do so may cause the individual to suffer harm in some way.
  • Circumstances when we are legally obliged to supply this information to a law enforcement agency, a court or a similar governmental body to prevent fraudulent activities.
  • The Potential Release of Data to Third-Party Sources
  • One of the facets of our service involves the dissemination of said information to third-party sources and providers.
  • Any of this information is nonetheless protected under strict privacy protocols and it will only be utilised to provide the client with services that he or she has requested.
  • There can be times when third-party firms (such as insurance companies) may analyse information against metrics already in their database. This could occur if they are approached by the client separately.
  • This data is exchanged and compared through the services of Insurance Database Services Limited (IDSL). This is a not-for-profit organisation that checks for frauds and dishonest claims. More details can be found here: https://www.
  • Except where it is necessary for the collection of quotations that have been requested by the visitor (and this will only be provided to companies authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority) personal information is never sold or otherwise distributed without the express permission of the individual.
Google Analytics
This company does not use any form of Google Analytics, since we do not believe that it is in compliance with UK and European privacy standards.
The Processing of Data by Third Parties
Depending upon certain variables, we may employ the use of a third party to process specific data. On occasion, this could include personal details. This action is only performed after we have concluded that the firm in question adheres to the very same strict privacy standards outlined within this article.
Further Contact
  • There may be times when any collected data is used to contact customers to offer them relevant products or services (such as the renewal of an insurance policy).
  • All clients can choose to cease further communications by unsubscribing from our emails.
  • Should communications with ourselves result in third-party contacts, their privacy policies will thereafter apply.
Requests to Access Personal Data
  • The Data Protection Act of 1998 obliges our firm to supply the client with details of all collected personal information after the payment of an administration fee.
  • Those who desire a copy of these details are asked to send a cheque of £10 pounds payable to Prudent Plus Ltd. Copies of two official documents such as a utility bill or a driving licence are also required as proof of identity.
  • Users have the right to request that incorrect details be changed or that their information is removed entirely from our database. We strive to maintain the accuracy of our records and if required, we will ablate such data from our system.
  • It is also possible to request other companies to release this information in the same manner. This applies to any firms which have received personal details from ourselves.
Privacy Policy Changes
There can be instances when this privacy policy will be updated based off of changing legislation or governmental regulations. It is within our legal right to make such changes when they are deemed to be necessary.
The Role of Cookies
Cookies are defined as small bits of information that are sent from a website to an operating device. Information is then sent back to this portal when it is visited again.
  • Cookies aid when navigating a website. Examples can include remembering prior preferences or relevant products.
  • The main intention of cookies is to allow the visitor to access the site in question more effectively.
Legal Regulations Regarding Cookies
Current regulations stipulate that cookies can only be collected if they are deemed necessary to the operations of the company. Any additional details can only be obtained through the permission of the user.
Why We Employ Cookies
Much like millions of other websites, we utilise cookies in order to ensure that visitors will obtain the most relevant information based upon their needs.
Limits of Our Cookies
Our use of cookies never involves the collection of personal information nor are any details such as debit or credit card information stored.
The Length of Time that Cookies are Stored
There are two types of cookies. Session cookies are only active for a single session. Once a browser is closed, they will no longer be present. These are used to temporarily store details such as the text entered within a field. Thus, users can interact with the site more efficiently. Persistent cookies will remain in our system after the session is closed. These provide basic client details so that information (such as an email address or a user name) do not have to be entered on a subsequent visit.
The Different Cookie Functions
Cookies can be divided into four categories:
  • Necessary cookies (such as the ability to provide quotations) are vital to the operations of a website. These also allow users to access secure areas.
  • Performance cookies provide us with basic metrics about site usage as well as any potential errors. These are not specific to the user and they ensure that the site functions properly.
  • Information such as user names, preferred fonts and other details are known as functionality cookies. These allow the site to adjust its appearance in accordance with user preferences.
  • Targeted cookies are those intended to provide users with relevant content such as advertisements.
Third-Party Analyses of Our Website
  • The usage metrics of our website are analysed by third-party firms.
  • None of these portals will collect the personal information of visitors; they compile generalised statistics. Examples here can include clickthrough rates, the length of time one remains on a specific page and the average number of page views within a browsing session.
  • The ultimate intention of these analyses is to enable us to enhance the user experience that is associated with our site.
he Ability to Manage and Delete Cookies
  • The user is provided with the option to deny cookie request when visiting our website.
  • Cookies can be restricted or blocked by managing the browser settings of an operating system. Choosing the "Help" function will guide the user through this option. Stored cookies within a system can also be deleted by accessing the file management icon.
  • Should cookies be disabled under user preferences, it is still possible to access the majority of this site. However, there will be limitations in regards to functionality and certain details may have to be entered on multiple occasions.
Further Details
Additional information in regards to cookies and how they can be managed may be obtained by visiting

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