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Where do you find the best insurance?

Here at Prudent Plus we are real live human beings who were helping people find the best insurance long before the Internet was dreamed of; and we love to chat! Sometimes this is the most efficient way to find the best and most economical policy for a customer (who is of course also a real live human being!).

However for some classes of insurance technology is better - and this is why price comparison sites are so popular. If you want to buy routine car, motorbike, home, pet, travel insurance, then by comparing quotes on our site up to 120 insurers could be invited to compete for your business, potentially saving you a great deal of time as well as money.

The personal touch

We are all unique so some insurance, such as health, life or accident insurance requires specialised, personal attention. As members of the prestigious British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) we have access to around 1800 brokers, employing in total over 100,000 trained staff, so there is no shortage of qualified specialists who can handle your enquiry, and help you search for the best policy which is not only affordable but which best meets your own individual needs.

Naturally all these companies are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This means that they succeeded in passing a rigorous inspection procedure and are committed to providing you with the highest levels of service.

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So; click on the link for the type of insurance you are looking for. We are sure we can help you find it - and at the right price too.

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