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How to Get Car Insurance for a Borrowed Car if You are a Visitor to the UK with an EU Driving Licence

Are you an EU visitor to the UK? You may need short term car insurance, so why not compare quotes here?

You might be able to borrow a car from a friend or family member whilst you are here. However, although car insurance is mandatory for driving in the UK, many standard insurers will not sell you cover if you do not have a fixed address in this country, as well as a UK driving licence. This is why a short term policy can be your best option.

What is Short Term Car Insurance?

Short term car insurance for visitors to the UK might be on option for you if you you are unable, or do not wish, to get long term car insurance from a UK-based insurer. Short term policies can be bought online and are valid for a period of between one single day and 84 days. Further policies can usually be bought, if required by those who need cover for a longer period.They are designed to meet the requirements of motorists who are driving a borrowed car in the UK on a temporary basis.

In many ways a short term policy is the same as a standard yearly one; the major differences are that you can pick the length of time you want it to last, and you can insure both a car you own and one you've borrowed.

It is important to note that short term car insurance does not usually cover any additional drivers or cover you to drive any other vehicles apart from the one you have specified. If you want to add other drivers to your policy, or drive another car yourself, you will need to get a separate policy.

Is it expensive?

On a day to day basis it usually costs more than yearly car insurance, so it is not suitable for long term cover, but if you only need cover for a few days or weeks it can be far more economical. Indeed, yearly policies from standard insurers for insuring borrowed cars can be astronomically expensive, even for those with UK licences, and most of these insurers will not cover those without a fixed address in this country. Short term car insurance, however, usually has none of these drawbacks.

What types of car insurance are available to UK visitors?

There are several types of car insurance for visitors to the UK that you can take out. However, the two most common types of car insurance for visitors to the UK are third party and comprehensive cover. Third party car insurance only covers your liability towards other people, such as paying for their injuries or property damage in the exent of an accident; it does not cover damage to your own vehicle, which comprehensive cover does.

All short term policies offered through our site provide comprehensive cover as standard.

How do I buy a policy?

There is a simple form for you to fill in, which should only take you a few seconds.

The details will be checked against a database of potential insurers and you will get instant online quotes from those who can provide you with cover. When you get a quote you wish to proceed with, you will need to then provide your licence details and proof of identity, which should only take a couple more minutes or so.


Usually, taking out short term car insurance for visitors to the UK is not only the most economical way of buying car insurance for those who need cover for a fairly short time, but also, since most insurers will not sell you car insurance if you do not have a UK address, and are reluctant to cover a borrowed car, it can be the only way.

If you are a visitor from many of the countries in the EU, you should be able to apply for a policy, provided that you have a full driving licence that you have held for at least three years, and you are aged between 21 and 70. You will need to be able to provide your passport and driving licence details, the postcode of the person whose car you are borrowing and the car's numberplate. So why not get quotes now!


How it works

  • You decide how long you want insurance cover for: choose between 1 day and 12 weeks.
  • You fill in a short, simple form, which should only take a minute or so.
  • You then get quotes, displayed online.
  • Provide your licence and credit card details (and proof of ID if necessary), and that's it - you're insured!

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