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The Spotlight on Six Models

  • Globebus: A compact motorhome, the Globebus is renowned for its manoeuvrability, making city trips as seamless as countryside adventures. Ideal for those who like to switch between urban and rural settings.
  • Esprit: This model merges luxury with practicality. It's spacious and offers a high-end interior design, making it a top choice for extended trips or those who fancy a bit more comfort on the road.
  • Trend: The Trend offers affordability without compromising on quality. With plenty of storage and a modern design, it's a firm favourite amongst families.
  • Pulse: The Pulse boasts a contemporary design. With its light-infused interiors and ergonomic features, this motorhome is a testament to Dethleffs' dedication to innovation.
  • Advantage: As the name suggests, this model provides numerous advantages to its users. With a combination of space and efficiency, the Advantage is perfect for those long-haul journeys.
  • Alpa: For couples who love to travel, the Alpa is the dream. Its unique design prioritises a spacious rear lounge, providing an intimate and relaxed setting.

The Origin Story: From Humble Beginnings to Motorhome Mastery

Founded in 1931 by Arist Dethleffs, the company began its journey in Isny im Allg??u, Germany. Arist's intention wasn't initially to enter the motorhome business. The first caravan was made as a promise to his family to ensure they could accompany him during his business trips. This led to the birth of the "living car", marking the inception of Dethleffs.

Over the years, Dethleffs grew in reputation, and its caravans became synonymous with quality and innovation. The company's dedication to family, evident from its very first caravan, became a cornerstone of its brand identity. It's this commitment to family and quality that has made Dethleffs a household name in motorhomes.

Crossing the Channel: Dethleffs in the UK

Whilst Dethleffs began its journey in Germany, it wasn't long before its reputation crossed borders. The UK, with its rich culture of camping and caravanning, soon caught onto the Dethleffs wave.

Several factors contributed to Dethleffs becoming a favoured choice in the UK:

  • Quality Assurance: British consumers appreciate good quality, and Dethleffs' commitment to producing reliable and long-lasting motorhomes resonated with them.
  • Family-Friendly: Many Dethleffs models are designed with families in mind, making them a go-to option for family holidays.
  • Variety: With a broad range of models, there's a Dethleffs motorhome for almost every type of traveller, from the solo adventurer to the large family.
  • Eco-Friendliness: In recent years, Dethleffs has made efforts to produce more sustainable and eco-friendly motorhomes, aligning with the UK's growing green movement.

In Conclusion: The Road Ahead with Dethleffs

Dethleffs has, over nearly a century, proven that they're more than just another motorhome manufacturer. Their story is one of family, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of quality. For anyone in the UK looking to invest in a motorhome, Dethleffs promises not just a vehicle, but a travelling companion ready to explore the open roads.

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