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Temporary Car Insurance - Quick Quotes In Seconds

Need to insure a car temporarily? No matter how long you want to insure it for (anywhere between one, and 84 days), you could be compaing quotes within a few seconds!

If you know the registration number that's great; if not, the type and model of the car will do. You won't even need your driving licence details to get a quote (although you will need them to buy a policy) and you can get immediate, online quotes from up to five different insurers.

When you've found the policy you like, just answer a few more simple questions and you're done. Pay online and that's it, you're insured. No need to talk to anyone!

How long will it take to get my policy?

You will be sent a link to your policy online, from where you can print it out if you wish. There's no obligation to do this but it may be best to at least carry a phone with the link to the policy, just in case you need to prove you're insured, for a few days. The MID (the Motor Insurers' Database that the police use) is provided with the policy details by the next working day but sometimes it isn't updated immediately.

What reasons can I use temporary cover for?

  • Driving a vehicle that you own
  • Driving one that you have borrowed *
  • Driving a hired car *
  • Adding an additional driver
  • Test driving
  • Collecting a car you have bought
  • Taking over as driver in an emergency
  • Practicing driving if you are a learner
  • Releasing an impounded vehicle
  • Covering a courtesy car
  • Etc etc ......

* If you drive a car you are not the registered keeper of, you must have the owner's permission to drive it *

Are there age limits?

Learners between 17 and 30 can apply. Full licence holders should be between 18 and 75.

What type of car can I insure?

Most popular cars can be covered. Very old, extremely expensive ones or rare exotics may prove a problem but you can soon check if the one you want to insure qualifies; a qute only takes seconds.

What is the cost of temporary car insurance?

This depends on factors such as your driving experience, age, postcode, and the car you want to drive etc. However see for yourself, it only takes seconds to get quotes.

What can I use the car for?

The cover is comprehensive and covers you within the UK for the usual social, domestic and pleasure purposes, and commuting to and from your normal workplace, or place of business. It cannot be used for anything you get paid for, such as delivering goods or providing a 'taxi' service (although accepting a contribution towards petrol costs is OK); for this you need a specialist hire and reward policy.


Please Note: The information above is generalised information only and the precise details of the cover varies from one insurer to another; for example they may have different acceptance criteria, maximum vehicle values, or policy excesses. You should check the policy details aof any insurance policy you wish to buy before going ahead - you can check them here

How to get quotes to compare

  • Just decide how long you want insurance cover for, which can be beween one single day and 84 days.
  • Then spend a few seconds answering a few simple questions
  • You will get quotes online.
  • Decide when you want the policy to start (either immediately, or with in next 30 days), provide your licence, credit card and a few other details, and your policy will be issued. Easy.

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