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Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

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Need to insure a car or van for a short time - either one you own, or someone else's?

Why accept the first short term car insurance quote you get, when with one very short proposal form you can ask for instant online quotations from several different top insurers? Click the link to compare quotes!

What is temporary/short term car insurance?

A temporary insurance policy covers you to drive your car, or van, for a limited period of time. It offers comprehensive insurance for as little as one day, or for up to several months, giving you an economical way to stay legal when driving a vehicle, whether this belongs to you or not.

Is temporary car insurance the same as normal insurance?

It is very similar to a 12 months insurance policy, the main difference being that you can arrange it for a far shorter period.

Also, although insuring a car that belongs to someone else can usually be extremely difficult and expensive, with a short term policy you can apply for cover for most vehicles even if you don't own it yourself, provided that you have the owner's permission to drive it.

Are there other advantages of short term cover?

  • This would be a separate policy to any existing vehicle insurance you have, so a claim would not affect your no claims bonus on that policy.
  • Cover is comprehensive on all policies.
  • Breakdown insurance is also optional; it may be really handy for a long holiday!
  • You can arrange a policy very quickly in an emergency, in case, for instance, you have to take over as driver at short notice.
  • If you are buying a car you can use it for your test drive as well as getting it home, where you can arrange a long term policy at your leisure.
  • You can lend your car to friends or family members without risking your own no claims bonus. Or borrow theirs yourself!
  • You can pick any length of policy, between a single day and 84 days. If you need more than 28 days some insurers will let you have another policy as soon as the previous one has expired.

Would I qualify for a short-term policy?

Different insurers can have different criteria. This is why comparing quotes from a range of insurers can give you a better chance of finding a suitable policy, at an affordable price.

What does a temporary car insurance policy cost?

This depends on many factors such as your age, driving experience, type of car, postcode etc. The easy way to find out though is to get quotes!

How long does it take to get a policy?

Getting quotations takes a matter of seconds. Once you have decided which one to accept, provided you have your driving licence and credit card details handy, you can buy a policy within another minute or two.

You can decide whether you want the policy to start immediately, or at any time within the next month or so.

So: it takes a very short time and puts you under no obligation. You will only need to give credit card details when you actually accept a quote, and buy a policy. See for yourself! Compare quotes now.

How it works

  • You decide how long you want insurance cover for: choose between 1 day and 12 weeks.
  • You fill in a short, simple form, which should only take a minute or so.
  • You then get quotes, displayed online.
  • Provide your licence and credit card details, and that's it - you're insured!

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