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Cheap Van Insurance

Are you a van owner, looking for cheaper or better insurance for your van, or fleet of vans?

Then why not search for van insurance quotes to compare online, from more than sixty insurers? It should only take a short time, and it might save you a lot of money!

Companies you get quotes from may include these top brokers:

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Are the quotes 100% online?

Yes, you should get quotes straight away from a panel of van insurers. No-one will call to speak to you unless you expressly give them permission to do so.

Is van insurance expensive?

The cost of a policy depends on many factors such as the driver (age, driving experience, claims records if any, etc), the van or vans (size, weight, model, age, body type etc), and what it is intended to do with it. For instance it could be used for:

  • Social, domestic and pleasure purposes: some people like to have a family van rather than a family car, because of the extra space, and this is likely to be the cheapest option for them;
  • Social, domestic and pleasure usage, plus commuting to a single place of employment;
  • Business use, for carrying your own goods only; this involves, for instance, builders carrying tools and building equipment, or traders carrying their stock for sale;
  • Business hire and reward cover (sometimes called courier, or haulage, insurance); this is for those who deliver goods that belong to other people (and get paid for it). Typical examples include parcel delivery drivers, food couriers, furniture deliverers etc. This usually attracts the highest premiums, all other factors being equal.
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How do I get good, cheap van insurance?

Why is business hire and reward insurance usually more expensive?

Statistically, drivers who make deliveries are more likely to make claims against their policies than those who don't. There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Pressure to get a quota of deliveries made, leading to a temptation to drive faster;
  • Tiredness; many delivery drivers work long hours;
  • Timed deliveries; these can be difficult to keep to because of weather or traffic conditions, leading to an inclination to take risks;
  • Higher mileages; delivery drivers are usually on the road a lot more than other van drivers, so they face more potential accident situations;
  • Carrying items that need to be delivered quickly; these could vary from a hot takeaway meal that has to be delivered before it gets cold, to medicines or even human organs that are urgently needed by a patient;
  • The need to complete deliveries, regardless of bad road conditions, adverse weather or other hazards;
  • Frequent deliveries to locations that the driver is unfamiliar with; navigating via a satnav or even a map can distract drivers from what is happening on the road;
  • Poor training: whilst many professional drivers are well trained by their employers many others are not, and are expected to jump from driving a car to a much larger, heavier and more powerful van after just the minimum of tuition;
  • The possibility of a lot of urban driving: whilst those who live in low accident, low crime areas may benefit from cheap car insurance, those who make deliveries for a living may have to spend a lot of time in postcodes with high claim records;
  • Multiple drivers for one vehicle: many delivery companies have drivers using different vehicles that they are unfamilar with.

What happens if I deliver, say, parcels, without hire or reward cover?

Then you would probably be uninsured. In that case the insurer could refuse to pay out on any claims, the police would impound the vehicle, and you would face a charge of driving without insurance, with all the implications for your job, your driving licence and your pocket - fines could be very heavy indeed. Don't do it.

How do I reduce the cost of my van insurance?

Whilst the standard answer to this is "compare multiple quotes" there other things you can do, such as:

  • Fit racking: apart from making your van a more efficient workplace, it signals to the insurer that you are well organised, and methodic people tend to have fewer accidents;
  • Have your van lettered: this indicates that the driver is happy to be easily recognised and traced in the event of a problem on the road, and so may be a more careful driver;
  • Fit a plate with a sign reading something like "Am I driving this vehicle safely?" followed by a phone number for reporting serious issues; this can encourage safe and considerate driving techniques, as well as alert employers to potential accidents in the future.

OK. How do I get quotes?

Easy. Click on the 'Click Here Now For Quotes' button, fill in the short form (it should only take a couple of minutes) and up to 60 insurers will be automatically scanned for quotes. These will be shown online immediately, and you will be able to compare not only prices but also any other benefits that the insurers may offer.

How many quotes will I actually get?

This depends on the type of customers the insurers prefer to take on. For instance some will not insure drivers under 25, some are reluctant to offer hire and reward cover, others may avoid people living in certain postcodes, or who have had large claims in the past.

On the other hand, some companies specialise in finding affordable cover for those who have convictions (either motoring, or criminal), poor claims records, and even cancelled policies. Others can also arrange cover for imported vans, so whatever your circumstances you may find the perfect policy.

However you should get enough to be able to compare prices, and by applying for multiple quotes it would save you from contacting insurers, who wouldn't want your business, directly! 😀

Are the insurers all qualified?

All the insurers on the panel are van insurance specialists who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, who insist on the highest standards of service, privacy and professionalism.

So: why not get quotes now! Just click the button for the easy quote form.

How it works

  • You fill in a simple quote form, and a database of policies from specialist van insurers calculates quotations for you;
  • Quotes are immediately displayed online, together with details of any extra benefits the insurers offer (free courtesy car, legal assistance, etc) as well as any optional extras you might want to include;
  • You will be offered quotes for fully comprehensive, third party or third party fire and theft cover;
  • You get quotations for monthly pay options (if available) to help your budgeting;
  • you compare the quotes, pick your options, then are connected to the insurer to buy your policy online. Simple.

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All the insurers on the panel are, of course, fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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