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Getting a good price on travel insurance is easy. Making sure you have the right travel insurance for your own particular requirements is more difficult.

The absolute basics are addressed by most policies on the market: medical cover up to £1m in Europe and £2m in the US, basic cover for your baggage, and personal liability cover (in case you are sued for injuring someone or damaging property, for instance in a traffic accident). But you may want more.

Be realistic - your luggage may be worth more than you think

Most policies set their cover for possessions at a level that's adequate for a basic family holiday; it would cover clothes, a cheap camera or two, and a few beach towels. If you're a keen photographer, you may find that few standard travel policies will cover your equipment. It's worth looking for specialist insurance, or taking a more expensive policy that will cover your equipment if it is damaged or stolen. You might also want to pick a higher value if you take a laptop, or are travelling on a cruise with designer clothes and jewellery for sophisticated evenings on board.

Take health questions seriously
You might have a pre-existing medical condition. Insurers vary greatly in the way they treat these. Some will rule you out entirely or insist on a check-up; others will happily insure those whose conditions are under control. Then again, some insurers will cover you for everything on their list - except the health problem that you are suffering from. A specialist insurance provider might offer a better package with less red tape.

Bear in mind that if you are not completely upfront about health issues, and you have to make a claim, your insurer might well be completely justified in reducing, or even completely refusing, a payout. You can avoid this danger by being completely honest with them from the start.

Fancy some excitement? Make sure you're covered

Many people try activities that they don't consider to be particularly dangerous, but which are specifically excluded on their insurance policy. It's vital therefore that you make sure that you are aware of which activities are covered, and which are not. Sports coverage varies significantly between policies, and you'll need to check the paperwork closely to ensure you get exactly what you need. For trekking, you may need to check the map as well, since many insurers cover trekking below 3,000 metres, but trekking above that altitude is not covered, or comes at an extra charge. Winter sports and motorcycling cover also need to be checked closely to make sure they meet your requirements.

Some final thoughts ....

It may sound obvious, but do check that you are covered for the country you're going to. Some insurers put Turkey and Sharm-el-Sheikh in Europe, while others don't. If you might make a cross-border trip, for instance from the USA into Mexico or Canada, make sure it's covered by the policy. Those considering a longer trip should realise that most policies only allow trips of up to 30 days. If you own a holiday home in France and want to stay there all summer, or if you're planning a longer trip, you'll need different cover. Again, talking to a specialist insurance provider might be a good idea.
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