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Can I get short term car insurance with points on my licence?

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Short-Term Insurance with Points on Your Licence

For many drivers in the UK, the convenience of short-term car insurance is undeniable. It offers a practical solution for those who need temporary cover without the commitment of a full year’s policy. However, if you've got points on your licence, you might be fretting over potential complications in obtaining this insurance. Let’s clear the air on how these endorsements influence your insurance prospects.

Understanding the Impact of Points on Your Licence

Points on your licence, often resulting from motoring offences, can indeed make the insurance terrain a bit more complicated. These blemishes on your driving record signify to insurers a past inability to comply fully with road safety regulations, which they might view as a risk factor.

Do Points Automatically Disqualify You from Short-Term Insurance?

Here's some good news: having points on your licence doesn’t automatically bar you from getting short-term car insurance. The reality is slightly more nuanced and hinges on various factors:

  • The Severity of the Offence: Not all infractions are equal in the eyes of insurers. For instance, a speeding ticket might not weigh as heavily as a conviction for reckless driving.
  • Number of Points: The more points you have, the more hesitant insurers might be. However, a single, minor offence with few points is less likely to cause concern.
  • Time Since Offence: Points don’t stick around forever. Most insurers primarily consider recent history, usually the past five years, in their risk assessment.
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I got cover despite licence points!

Higher Premiums: An Unpleasant Possibility

It’s important to brace yourself for the possibility of higher premiums. Insurers often regard drivers with points on their licences as ‘higher risk’, which can translate into costlier policies. However, the extent of this increase can vary significantly between insurers.

Shopping Around: Your Best Bet for Finding Cover

If you find yourself in this boat, don't despair. One of your most effective strategies is to shop around. By comparing quotes online, you can gauge the landscape of available options and find insurers more sympathetic to drivers with points on their licences.

Steps to Take When Searching for Short-Term Cover

Feeling a bit lost on where to start? Here are some practical steps to steer you in the right direction:

  • Be Honest: When getting a quote, always be upfront about your driving history. Omitting details could invalidate your policy down the road.
  • Compare Different Providers: Don’t settle for the first quote you get. Different insurers have different criteria, and some are more lenient than others regarding driving offences.
  • Consider a Specialist: Some insurance providers specialise in offering cover to those with points on their licences or previous convictions.
  • Review Policy Details: Always read the terms carefully. Ensure you understand what is and isn’t included, especially regarding any restrictions related to points on your licence.

Finding out exactly what’s available to you is as simple as getting a quote, which is a quick and easy process. By clicking the button to proceed, you can access online quotes from a variety of insurers and see firsthand the policies available to you.

Don’t let the worry of licence points deter you from exploring your options for short-term insurance. Get started on gathering your quotes today — it's straightforward, hassle-free, and could be the key to unlocking the cover you need.

Important Note: The information provided here is broad and not specific to individual circumstances. Insurance offerings can vary greatly, meaning not all information may apply to your situation. It’s important to verify the specifics with the insurance providers to ensure the policy you are purchasing fits your needs.

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