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When choosing your shop insurance, shouldn't you should compare quotes from multiple providers?

TV repair shop insurance: What's the best deal out there? By using a wide range of specialist brokers, you might find it much easier to find the right insurance policy at the right price without having to spend a lot of time searching through lists of other websites!

Which benefits does this website offer me over other websites when it comes to my shop insurance?

A whole team of independent brokers are available, all of whom have their own contacts with insurers, and this gives you a wider range of choices than just one insurance company.

Wouldn't price comparison sites be more efficient and cheaper? Isn't buying my TV repair shop insurance through a broker more expensive?

Price comparison sites are great for simple policies such as car or home insurance. Business insurance policies are more challenging because people have different types of shops, staffing levels, products, financing, locations, and other factors.

An experienced broker can be more effective at finding the best policies that fit your business. A good broker will understand your TV repair business and know how to find the most efficient and economical cover for the best price.

Price comparison sites are free to use, but brokers charge for their services. Isn't that right?

The reality is that most price comparison sites charge the insurers a large commission for each policy they sell. Additionally, many of them do not show quotes from insurers who do not pay them a commission, so you might miss out on really good policies.

A broker usually receives a commission from insurers on every policy they sell, but the premium you pay is typically the same as if you were buying directly from the insurer.

Some insurers do not pay commissions and in this case a fee would be charged. However; as a result of the lack of commission, the premium may still remain within your budget. Also certain no-commission insurers may offer more attractive policies than those that deal with price comparison sites.

Finally, unlike an automated price comparison system, an experienced broker may offer better, and often cheaper, ways to save money on shop insurance.

Can I get just the essential insurance for my shop?

Whilst some insurance is essential, and others are highly beneficial, some might be a better choice than others. Brokers have policies that can cover many different risks, and these can be a good choice. Here are a few examples of the type of cover which many shops have.

In most cases, employers are legally required to have employers liability insurance; it covers them in the event that they are injured while employed by you, and the certificate must be displayed in a prominent position.

Having a public liability insurance policy is not a legal requirement, but some people advocate it. This insurance protects you if consumers are injured or lose money while dealing with you.

No matter if you own or lease your business, you should have Buildings and Contents insurance to cover any damage to the building itself, fixtures, and fittings caused by dangers such as fire or flood, accidents or vandalism.

Also consider getting an insurance policy to protect your stock, your reputation, your health and wellbeing, or your business from closing due to matters that occur elsewhere.

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