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Cheap Pizzeria Insurance

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Do you sell the very best pizzas?

I love a good deep pan pizza. Plenty of mozarella, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives and chorizo are vital ingredients. I often add some pineapple pieces too; I know that some people think that is barbaric but at least I never use a knife and fork; pizza was designed to be eaten by hand!

So what about insurance?

Running a pizzeria can be a great business, whether it's eat-in or a takeaway, but it carries risks. For a start that oven is hot, hot, hot; a good pizza needs it but it increases the risk of burns and fires. However the main risks are those that most other businesses run, too; fire, flood, gale damage, business interuption, vandalism, theft, etc.

Oh, and customers too. The compensation culture is still healthy; claims for being scalded by hot drinks or for slips on shop floors are still a major earner for many mischief makers.

What insurance do I need?

For a start you'll have to have employers' liability insurance to protect anyone you employ, even including the part time guy who delivers them on his scooter (and he'll need food courier insurance too, to stay legal).

Public liability insurance isn't required by law but if someone has an accident (whether real or staged) in your shop after one or two beers over the limit you'll soon find out why many shop owners consider it absolutely essential. If you own the shop you'll need to have the building, fixtures and fittings covered, and you may want personal accident cover in case it's you who gets burned getting pizzas out of the oven. Business interruption cover (the Covid epidemic showed how important the right policy could be) may be very useful too and there are lots of other options you may want to put in the mix.

However; there is no point in buying cover that you won't need. Insurance is an individual matter for businesses; they are all different so each one needs different policies. This is why we recommend a tailor made policy rather than a 'one-size-fits all' package; that way you could get the insurance you really need, without wasting money on risks you are never likely to face.

Why should we buy insurance via this website?

That's easy; we don't work the same way as all the rest.

Most commercial insurance is either sold directly by the insurers themselves, or by brokers who have contracts with a small number of insurers. This means you get little chance to compare quotes and pick the one that's best for you.

We are different. We deal with a large panel of brokers, all of whom have their own list of insurers they deal with. Our system picks out the ones that we feel are best suited to help you. We believe that this gives you a wide choice of policies, and a better chance of saving money on your insurance without sacrificing benefits.

Naturally all the brokers on our panel carry authorisation from the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which regulates the insurance industry and makes sure that you are treated fairly and ethically. We like to feel that our brokers are friendly too.

How much do you charge for this?

We don't. When you buy a policy we get a cut of the commission the brokers get from the insurer for introducing you (yes we are not ashamed to admit that we do get paid for our work!).

So how do we go ahead?

Just click on the 'quote' button, provide a few details, then the quotes and suggestions will be sent to you. Go for it; get quotes now.

How it works

  • You fill in a simple form, giving some details of what you are looking for.
  • Depending upon your requirements, selected brokers from the panel will be asked to collect quotes for you.
  • You will receive broker quotations.

Broking groups that we deal with include:

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