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Looking for a great ironmongery shop insurance deal? We'll do our best to help 😀

As we all know: comparing quotes from multiple insurance providers can help you find affordable insurance for your business. It can be easy to find the right policy at a great price with a whole panel of specialist shop insurance brokers avaliable! to help you!

How will this website benefit me when I buy insurance for my hardware shop?

It's not just a matter of choosing one insurance company or broker. There is a team of independent brokers available, all of which have their own insurance connections. This way, you might be able to choose policies from more providers.

Isn't it better and cheaper to buy insurance directly from the company than to buy it through a broker?

Using a price comparison site is best for simple policies like car or home insurance. Business insurance is much more complicated because every business has a different location, staffing level, products, financing, and financing methods.

In this case, a broker can be more efficient in finding the hardware insurance policies that will best suit your business. A good broker will understand your industry, and will know how to find the most cost-effective and economical cover at the right price.

Although price comparison sites are free to use, don't brokers charge for their services?

Most insurance comparison websites charge a large commission to the insurers for each policy they sell. Additionally, they may exclude quotes from insurers who would not pay them a commission, so you might miss out on some really good deals.

Brokers are normally paid a commission by insurers for each policy they sell, but the premium you pay is usually the same as if you bought it directly from the company.

Some insurance companies do not pay commissions, so a fee may apply. It is still possible that you will pay less overall because the commission has not been added to the premium. In addition, certain no-commission insurers may offer more attractive policies.

Last but not least, a licensed insurance broker may be able to suggest better, and perhaps cheaper, ways to save money on your shop insurance than a computerised price comparison system.

In order to run my hardware shop, what kind of insurance do I need?

Brokers may suggest policies that cover many risks, and these are often good choices, as they cover a multitude of risks. Some of these are essential, some highly advised, and some that are good to have, but not as crucial as others. Policy choices include: -

Having employers' liability insurance is usually a legal requirement if you employ staff. This cover protects them if they are injured on the job and the certificate must be easy for them to read.

Purchasing public liability insurance is not a legal requirement, but some believe it should be. This type of cover protects the public in the event of an injury or financial loss.

Buildings and Contents Insurance should cover damage to the structure as well as fixtures and fittings caused by fire, flood, or vandalism, regardless of whether the shop is owned or leased.

It may also make sense to insure your stock, your reputation, your own health and well-being, or your business in the event that it is forced to close owing to circumstances you cannot control.

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