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Need insurance for your hydroponics shop? No problem 😀

Comparing quotes from multiple insurers can help you find affordable insurance for your hydroponics shop.

Are you seriously looking for the best deals on hydroponics shop insurance?

A whole panel of specialist brokers for shop insurance could help you find that bargain-priced policy without the time and effort of shopping around for prices!

Why should I buy my hydroponics shop insurance from this site?

You may have a choice from many different insurance companies or brokers. Each one has its own contacts with insurers, so you can get a wider selection of policies.

Isn't a price comparison site more efficient, and cheaper, than going through a broker for my insurance?

Prices are easy to compare for simple policies such as car insurance. Business insurance is much more complex because we all have different types of shops, staffing levels, products, financing, locations, and so on.

A good specialist broker understands your business and will find you the most effective and economical insurance policies, at a price that is within your budget.

But aren't price comparison sites free, whilst brokers charge for their services?

The notion that price comparison sites are free is a myth. They charge insurers a large commission for each policy they sell, and most of them do not display quotes from insurers that do not pay the commission, so there may be some really good deals you're missing out on.

Most brokers receive commissions from insurers for every policy they sell, but the premium you pay will be the same as if you bought your policy directly from the insurer.

Some insurers do not pay commissions, in which case the broker may charge a fee. The fact that no commission is added to the premium can mean that the total you pay is still within your budget. Some no-commission insurers may also offer policies that are more appealing.

Additionally, an experienced broker may be able to give you better, and perhaps cheaper, ways to save money on your shop insurance, compared to an automatic price comparison system.

My hydroponics shop needs what kind of insurance?

Some insurance is essential, some is very advisable and others are good to have, but not as important as the rest. Brokers may suggest policies that cover many different risks and these are usually a good choice. For example:

A certificate of your employer's liability insurance must be clearly visible to your employees if they are hurt or injured while working for you.

There is no legal requirement for public liability insurance, but some people think it should be obligatory. The policy protects people who are injured or suffer financial losses after doing business with you.

The structure, fixtures, and fittings of your shop should be covered by Buildings and Contents Insurance in case of risks like flooding, fire, or vandalism.

In addition, you may want to consider insurance to protect your stock, your reputation, your health and wellbeing, or the possibility of your business being forced to close because of circumstances beyond your control.

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