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Sorry. It's greengrocery shop insurance time again 😒

Are you looking for the best bargains in shop insurance? With a whole panel of specialist shop insurance brokers available, this is a great place to start.

A panel of specialist greengrocery shop insurance brokers could make it easy to find the right policy at a great price without having to shop around.

Is buying my shop insurance through this website an advantage to me?

There isn't just one insurance company or broker. There are several brokers available, all of which have their own relationships with insurers, so there is a greater variety of policies to choose from.

Should I really buy my insurance through a broker? Aren't price comparison sites more efficient, and cheaper?

Any type of business insurance is more complicated because we all have different types of shops, staffing levels, products, financing, locations, and other factors. A price comparison site is great for simple policies such as car insurance.

It is for this reason that a broker can be more effective at finding the best policies for your business. A good broker will understand your business and know how to locate the most effective and economical policies at the best possible price.

However, aren't price comparison sites free to use? And don't brokers charge for their services?

There is a myth that price comparison sites are free. Most of them charge insurers a large fee for each policy they sell. They are also very unlikely to show quotes from insurers that don't pay them a commission, so you may miss out on some great deals.

Most brokers receive a commission from insurers for each policy they sell, but the premium you pay is usually the same as if you purchased the policy directly from the company. Some insurers do not pay commissions, and in this case a fee may apply.

Due to the fact that no commission is added to the premium, the total you pay could still be within budget. In addition, some no-commission insurers may offer more attractive policies.

Furthermore, an experienced broker may suggest better, and perhaps cheaper, ways to save money on your greengrocery shop insurance than an automated price comparison system.

How much insurance do I need for my greengrocery shop?

There are some essential insurances, some highly advisable insurances, and some insurances that are good to have, but aren't as essential as the rest. Brokers may suggest policies that cover several risks, and they can often be a good choice. These include:

If you employ staff, you are usually required to have employer's liability insurance. This protects your employees if they are injured while working for you, and the certificate must be clearly visible to your employees.

The next is not a legal requirement, but some people believe it should be. Public liability insurance protects you from lawsuits from injured or financially devastated members of the public.

No matter if you own or lease your shop, you should have Buildings and Contents Insurance to protect the structure, fixtures, and fittings from hazards such as fire, flood, or vandalism.

In addition, you may need insurance to protect your stock, your reputation, your health and wellbeing, or your business from being closed by forces beyond your control

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