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Why do I need insurance?

Chinese food providers run two particular risks; they tend to stay open late, and they are often popular with customers who have had a drink or two. Unfortunately both of these lead to increased risks of accidents and other unfortunate events. All too often the owners of the businesses can get blamed even if they have done their best to provide a safe and friendly environment for their customers.

Insurance to cover these risks may not be necessary most of the time but when problems crop up it could literally save your business from ruin and yourself from enormous stress.

What insurance do I need?

Whether you have a restaurant, or a shop serving hot food for taking away, some insurance is legally essential, and some other types are very advisable indeed.

Essential insurance

  • Employer's liability insurance: it is obligatory to have this cover to protect most employees, even if they only work for you part time. The penalties for not having this are severe: fines of up to £2,500 per day can be charged by the Health and Safety Executive. In addition you could also leave yourself open to compensation claims by any employees who were hurt or injured as a result of their work.
  • Food delivery insurance: if you deliver takeout meals then car and van drivers, or scooter, motorbike and moped riders who make the deliveries have to have food courier cover. Failing to have it could leave them uninsured, even if they thought their vehicles were properly taxed and insured, and some police forces keep a special lookout for them.

    Driving without insurance can lead to vehicle confiscation, heavy fines and licence penalty points, which can lead to disqualification from driving.

Advisable insurance

  • Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement but many business owners believe that it should be! It is designed to compensate any people, apart from yourself and your employees, who are hurt as a result of dealing with you. For instance: a driver delivering stock who has a fall on your premises, or a customer who slips in some food that has perhaps been spilt by another person, could claim, fairly or not, that you were responsible.

    If a claim went against you it could be financially ruinous; and even if it didn't, legal costs and the worry of fighting the case could be very stressful. Adequate public liability cover could be a great help to you if you had to face problems like this.
  • Building and contents cover may be obligatory if you lease, rent or have a mortgage on your premises; but even if not you will probably want to protect them against the usual risks of fire, flood or even vandalism at least.
  • Product liability insurance may be useful. A customer claiming to have been made ill or suffered an allergic reaction, by one of your meals, or to have found a foreign object in it, could try to sue you. Unfortunately cases like this have been known to be fraudulent, and difficult to disprove; and the resultant bad publicity can ruin a good business. Product liability insurance could soften the blow, and perhaps provide legal assistance to help you fight the case - and clear your reputation.

This all sounds expensive - what is the cheapest way of buying it?

Sometimes specialist Chinese takeaway insurance can be arranged with all the risks included in a single policy, which may cost less than buying cover for all the different risks separately. Alternatively you could pick and choose which risks you felt were most important to you.

Are the insurance providers properly qualified?

The insurance providers on the panel are all authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. This means not only that they are deemed to be properly qualified to to advise you on insurance mediation, but also that you are protected by the stringent rules they are expected to follow, as well as recourse to an ombudsman and a compensation scheme if they act against your best interests in any way.

It sounds good. How do I proceed?

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Insuring your Chinese takeaway or restaurant

There are all kinds of risks you run incuding fire, customers having accidents, allegations of allergic reactions to your food, even business interruption (which has happened a lot recently!)

Why not let the broker panel look at your insurance needs? they may be able to suggest ways of saving money or getting better benefits, perhaps by amalgamating all risks into a single policy.

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How it works

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