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Cheap Bakery Insurance

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Do you run the best bakery in town?

There is something wonderful about freshly baked bread. The aroma for a start. Many years ago a small bakery opened near where I lived in Manchester and the birthrate locally shot up dramatically! I remain convinced that as bread bakes it gives off something that makes us feel great.

Compared to a loaf straight from the oven of a local bakery shop 'Mothers Pride' may just as well have been made of sawdust for all the flavour it had.

So Why do I need insurance?

For all that's marvellous about baking a bakery can still be a very dangerous place. A mixture of busy people working to tight schedules and very hot ovens can be a recipe for not only delicious muffins, loaves, cakes, croissants and baguettes, but also burns, scalds and other nasty accidents. Accidents to staff are not the only risks either. Electrical faults could damage the building, fire, flood, storm and vandalism are dangers that every single shop faces, and refrigerator, oven or other breakdowns could stop business dead in it's tracks.

And this of course is before a customer sets foot in the shop. Whether or not you bake your own bread, on or off the premises; or create fancy cakes, hot or cold pies, or sandwiches; accidents can happen and people can slip, trip and fall in your shop; and the compensation culture has lost none of it's teeth. Local emergencies, roadworks or, heaven forbid, another pandemic can keep your customers away or stop you from making deliveries. it's a risky world out there but the right insurance can make life a lot easier and far less traumatic.

What sort of insurance will I need?

If you own the building that you are in you will naturally want to have it covered, along with fixtures and fittings, against the usual risks of fire (perhaps the greatest risk with electrically heated ovens), flooding, storm damage and the vandalism which is all too rife nowadays. You may also want to insure against theft, personal accident, and business interruption. You will certainly have to have employer's liability insurance if you employ any staff at all, even part-timers; product liability cover is useful in case anyone claims (rightly or wrongly) that something they bought from you has made them ill; and public liability cover, which would protect you against claims from people who are injured or suffer financial loss as a result of actions by yourself or your staff, is generally reckoned to be pretty much essential.

Will I need insurance for delivering food?

Anyone who carries out food deliveries in a motor vehicle has to be insured to do it. The type of policy is called courier insurance and it is a legal necessity.

Delivery drivers with only normal car insurance risk prosecution for driving without insurance which is a very serious offence. You can get more information here about insurance for food deliveries.

Does a bakery really need so much insurance?

Wow, sounds like a lot doesn't it. However a properly constructed insurance policy should be able to cover all the risks that your particular business is likely to face without breaking the bank.

how do I get the necessary cover at a reasonable cost?

Every business in Britain is unique; there are individual sizes, locations, products, management, and all manner of factors that make each business different from every other one. So, they all have different insurance requirements, which is why standard 'off-the-peg' policies rarely meet all needs, and often work out far more expensive than a properly thought out policy designed for an individual shop.

This is why we believe that tailor-made policies can provide not only the right cover but also the greatest economy, since there is no point in spending money on risks that you are not likely to face.

How do I get a tailor-made policy?

A number of insurance companies provide these but unfortunately they only give you a choice of their own insurance products. There may well be rivals who offer better cover, or lower prices, but they will not tell you of these!

Some brokers deal with a number of insurers and so they can compare offers from several of them. This doesn't normally cost you anything extra at all, since these brokers get a commission from the insurance companies for introducing you as a client, and you normally pay no more than if you had gone to the insurer direct. Unfortunately however the number of insurers that any broker can deal with is limited.

How are you different?

Our system goes one better. We do not deal with a single insurance company or a single broker. We have in fact a panel of many brokers, all of whom have their own contracts with insurance companies. We believe that in this way we can give you a wider choice, with more policy options to compare.

How do we go forward from here?

It's easy. Just provide a few details on our simple form and you will receive quotations very quickly, as well as suggestions on how you can find the best cover to suit your needs, at the right price.

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How it works

  • You fill in a simple form, giving some details of what you are looking for.
  • Depending upon your requirements, selected brokers from the panel will be asked to collect quotes for you.
  • You will receive broker quotations.

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