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Yes. It's insurance time for your car accessories shop 😒

As we know though; omparing quotes from multiple insurers is often the best way to find an affordable policy for your car accessories shop.

Which are the best bargains in shop insurance? Perhaps the right policy can be found at a great price here, thanks to an entire panel of specialist retail insurance brokers.

In what way does this website make it easier for me to buy shop insurance?

Instead of only a single insurance company or broker, there is a whole panel of brokers available, each of which has contacts with insurance companies. This means you may get a greater range of policies to choose from.

Doesn't a price comparison site offer a better deal? Why should I buy insurance through a broker?

For simple policies such as car or home insurance, price comparison sites are great. However, for business insurance the process is far more complicated since each business has its own set of variables, such as its types of stores, staff, products, financing, and locations.

Brokers can be better equipped to find the right insurance policies for your shop since they understand the car accessories business and know how to obtain the best cover at the right price.

Price comparison sites are free to use though, right? And don't brokers charge to use their services?

Most of the price comparison sites charge the insurers a large fee for every policy they sell. Also, most of them do not display quotes from firms that do not pay a commission to them, so you may miss out on some excellent bargains.

A broker usually receives a commission from insurers for each policy they sell, but the premium you pay is generally the same as if you had bought it directly from the insurance company.

Some insurers do not pay commissions, and in these cases a fee may be charged. Since no commission has been added to the premium, the total amount you pay may still be within your budget. In addition, some no-commission insurers might offer more appealing policies.

In comparison with an automated price comparison system, a knowledgeable broker might be able to suggest better, and perhaps cheaper, ways for you to save money on your car accessory shop insurance.

Do I REALLY need insurance for my shop?

There are some insurances that are essential, some highly recommended, and some that are considered good to have, although they aren't as crucial as other types. Brokers can suggest policies that cover a variety of risks and these often make sense. Examples include:

If you employ staff, you must typically carry employer liability insurance. It protects your employees in case they are hurt or injured on the job and a certificate must be displayed for them.

Public liability insurance protects you from financial loss if you or your staff cause damage or injury to a member of the public due to your conduct or negligence.

Buildings and Contents Insurance should be purchased for your shop whether it is owned or leased, to protect against risks like fire, flood, impact damage, and vandalism.

You may want to purchase insurance to protect his or her stock, reputation, health, and welfare, or to protect against forced closures due to events beyond the control of the business owner.

It only takes a few seconds to fill out a short form, and the car accessory insurance quotes you receive may pleasantly surprise you! 😀

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  • You fill in a simple form, giving some details of what you are looking for.
  • Depending upon your requirements, selected brokers from the panel will be asked to collect quotes for you.
  • You will receive broker quotations to compare.

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