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Selling Antiques And Need Insurance?

If you own an antique shop your insurance needs are rather more 'interesting' than those of the average shop owner. For most traders the shop itself is their major asset, but you may well have antiques or collectible items that are worth far more.

Furthermore many of these can be very delicate and easily damaged; a tiny chip in a porcelain vase, for instance, can reduce it's value to a fraction of that of a perfect one.

This is why you need specialist insurance, but where do you find it at a reasonable cost? Unlike car insurance there are no price comparison sites for antique dealers and it is just as well, too; every business is different.

This is why so 'one-size-fits-all' type policies just wouldn't work for a business that demands such specialised skills, such as a comprehensive knowledge of antiques but also of their different values.

So where do you find insurance without paying a fortune for it?

There are insurance companies that will provide cover for antique dealers but they almost inevitably sell car, home, life, health, and all manner of other insurance as well; no antique experts there! So, the usual way to get specialist cover is to find a broker who understands your business and can put a package together.

The drawback with this approach is that brokers usually only deal with a single insurance company; or, at best, a small number of them; so although there may be other insurers out there with better policies, they won't be invited to quote. Contacting a dozen or so brokers to get prices from them can take ages which you could better spend in other ways; but this is where we can help.

We don't deal with a single insurance company, or even a single broker. We have a whole panel of them.

Instead of contacting numerous brokers you just give a few details on a simple form. Your details are passed on to panel members (all of whom are, of course, accredited by the UK's Financial Conduct Authorities ) who are able to work hard to get you good deals, and they will get back to you with quotes, so that you can compare your options.

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How it works

  • You fill in a simple form, giving some details of what you are looking for.
  • Depending upon your requirements, selected brokers from the panel will be asked to collect quotes for you.
  • You will receive broker quotations.

Broking groups you may get quotes from include:

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