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Do you need cheap insurance for delivering parcels, packages, online purchases or other freight? Need multi-parcel, third party, comprehensive or even fleet quotes at affordable costs? Are you a self employed delivery driver, or a multi-vehicle cargo distributor? Either way; why not let a whole panel of specialist insurers (who are all, of course, fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority) compete for your business?

Why Uk Parcel Delivery Drivers Need Insurance

If you've ever worked as a delivery driver, you know they face some unique dilemmas. From unpredictable road conditions to time-sensitive drop-offs and the general stress of navigating city traffic, delivering goods on a regular schedule can be quite a headache. That's why it's so important that delivery drivers have the right insurance coverage in place before they get behind the wheel.

Without the right insurance policy in place, any one of these drivers might be at risk for expensive legal costs or put their own safety at risk after an accident. Let's take a look at why Uk Parcel Delivery Drivers need insurance to stay safe on the road.

What type of insurance does a parcel delivery driver need?

Whilst you could go overbord and get insured against every conceivable risk, the only compulsory insurance you will need may be Hire and Reward Cover (sometimes called Courier Insurance) which covers you for the usual legally required van insurance, whilst delivering goods. However there are other risks you might want to think about as well. Sometimes these can be included in a single policy, which may be a lot more economical than buying each type of cover separately.

So; you might want to consider the following:

Roadside Assistance Cover

A breakdown could really spoil your day, upset the customers you were due to deliver goods to, and perhaps even threaten your livelihood. Some kind of roadside assistance insurance might save you a lot of stress.

Loss or Damage of Cargo

As a delivery driver, you'll be responsible for all items you're carrying as part of your job. Sadly there are many clever thieves about and delivery vans can be very attractive targets for them, particularly if you carry valuable, or easy to sell, items. A 'Goods in Transit' policy migh solve these worries. It could also cover accidental damage to these goods as well.

Accidental Injury Insurance

Accidents happen and, apart from the ever present risks of road traffic accidents, slips or back injuries in particular are always a risk for delivery drivers, particularly if they have to carry heavy or awkwardly shaped parcels after being sat in the cab for any length of time. Continuing to work whilst injured can make matters far worse so having accident insurance to cover your income whilst you recover could be very comforting.

Protection Against Vehicle Theft and Damage

A Hire and Reward van insurance policy can provide third party only, third party fire and theft or comprehensive cover but the comprehensive option not only provides for accidental damage to your own vehicle but it is often a much better bargain - or even cheaper - than a third party one! By all means get quotes for the lower levels of cover but check out the cost of fully comprehensive cover too, and it may cost less than you expect.

Public Liability Insurance

Having an accident in your vehicle for which you are held responsible should be covered by your van insurance - but what about when you are out on foot? If a customer is hurt by trying to carry a parcel, or you cause some damage to their property, you might be held liable for significant compensation. A Public Liability Insurance policy could not only cover this, but also the legal costs of defending against a claim (which can sometimes by very expensive indeed!).


If you need to insure your vehicle for parcel deliveries (and perhaps one or more of the other cover options as well) just click the link, fill in a short form and you'll be sent free quotes to compare, by up to three specialist parcel delivery van insurers. You have nothing to lose and you may be pleasantly surprised!

How it works

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Drivers who need hire and reward insurance include those carrying the following goods:

animals or livestock blood or organs business goods car parts cash or valuables chemicals clothing dangerous goods electrical equipment furniture household goods medical equipment medication mixed parcels newspapers online purchases pallets Parcels Plant Equipment takeaway food vehicles waste and refuse wholesale food other goods

Others that may also be able to provide you with quotes include:

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