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Retail insurance protects your office furniture business against various types of risks and claims. These can include disasters like fire, flood, theft or vandalism, employee injuries or other mishaps whilst at work, claims made by customers who have been injured or become ill thanks to your products, or damages caused by employees under your control.

Office furniture shop insurance experts will arrange your cover quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you're covered if the unexpected occurs as specified in your policy. Every business will require a different level of cover, and you only pay for the cover you need.

What is office furniture shop insurance?

It is a type of business insurance designed to meet the specific needs of retail premises. An office furniture shop insurance policy can provide all the protections you need under one umbrella policy, by being tailored to your exact requirements. Retailers all carry similar risks as other businesses; however, many shops have specific needs when it comes to business insurance, which is why a flexible policy can be so helpful.

Must I insure my shop?

Uninsured accident
Accidents happen!

Yes accidents do happen, but as an office furniture shop owner, you have a duty to look after your customers, employees, suppliers, and for their belongings. Shop insurance should be a top priority for any shop to protect against the unexpected.

People who work with the public normally require public liability cover, and employers who employ employees have a legal obligation to carry employers liability insurance.

With shop insurance quotes, you can purchase protection for your stock, products liability, fire and theft, property insurance, and many other cover options designed to safeguard your business and livelihood.

Even so, getting the right protection can be challenging. A broker panel may be able to make it easier for you.

Every shop faces a unique set of risks, from locking up at night to taking your business online. It might sound unlikely, but hundreds of businesses suffer accidents every day, and the average shop public liability claim can cost thousands of hard-earned pounds. They will work efficiently to protect your business, so you are free to run it and earn money.

Do office furniture shop insurance policies cover theft, damage, and liability?

Flooded shop
Fire or flood could wreck your business.

You can pick and choose what you want to include on your policy. Some cover is obligatory and some is highly recommended.

Having employee liability insurance is probably a legal requirement if you have staff. This compensates employees if they're hurt at work.

Shopkeepers should have public liability insurance for a variety of reasons. It may not be a legal requirement, but its value will dramatically increase in the event someone is injured or their property is damaged while on your premises. In case a customer makes a claim, public liability may cover legal fees and compensation.

When you provide advice or expertise from your shop, you may need professional indemnity insurance. If a client is not satisfied with your advice or believes you've been negligent, this insurance can protect you.

A product liability policy covers your business against claims, legal costs, and reputation damage arising from the use of a product you sell or manufacture.

Thief robbing a shop
Thieves and vandals can spoil your day.

In the event that your shop closes due to some unforseen damage, business interruption insurance may offer cover to cover both your fixed costs and losses you might suffer.

Whether you own the shop or not, you need to consider buildings insurance. You can include cover for the structure or fittings against risks associated with fire, flood, terrorism, vandalism, and accidental damage.

Depending on the extent of cover, your contents insurance can cover anything from the furniture and fixtures to the computer equipment and other technology systems in your shop.

Most shop owners keep at least some of their stock on site and run the risk of theft or damage through fire or flooding. Stock insurance may protect them up to a limit and some insurers offer fast payments to help with cash flow.

If your stock insurance policy allows you to increase the value covered around special dates, such as Christmas, you should check the amounts covered to make sure that the insured value of your stock is sufficient for your needs.

A good broker can advise you on what exactly is covered under your office furniture insurance policy and possibly more importantly, what is not covered under it. Accidental damage insurance can cover a wide range of situations, and it may not be covered by your insurance policy as a whole.

The Financial Conduct Authority regulates a list of brokers, who can obtain quotes for you to compare, and who will help you find the best insurance policy to meet your needs. Get quotes right away.

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  • You will receive quotations to compare.

Broking groups on the panel may include:

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