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Life insurance for over 60s

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I am over 60. Why should I want life insurance?

Buying life insurance means that you're putting your family first.

None of us want to go, but we all do sooner or later, but hopefully not yet! However there are many different kinds of life insurance and which one is best for your family very much depends on their circumstances. Will, for instance, your descendents have a huge mortgage to pay? Would a regular income be necessary? How can you help your grandchildren? and what about funeral costs?

Can I afford it?

That's a very important point: how do you manage to pay for a policy that gives your family the maximum protection? We all have limited money to spend so how can you find the best value and most effective insurance for the sum that you want to spend?

Most people over sixty who are looking for life cover will contact an insurance company and get quotations from them but the company will almost certainly want to sell you one of their own policies. we feel that you should be able to contact an independent broker who specialises in the kind of cover that you really need, who can then look at products from different providers then discuss the best choice with you.

By having access to a panel of brokers, who in turn each deal with another panel of insurers, you can be sure of having a good choice of policies that are just right for you.

Is it safe?

Everyone you deal with will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which insists on the highest standards of ethics and transparency. They will all provide you with evidence of this.

How do I proceed?

Just provide a few details and you will be matched with a broker who specialises in the kind of policy you are looking for. This broker will contact you and together you can find out which policies are available to answer your needs, and how much they will cost. It may be a lot less than you think.

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