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Delivery van with hire and reward insurance

Whether you're just starting out as a delivery driver for your local distributor, or have been delivering goods for a while now, it's important to have the right insurance to protect you and your livelihood. This is where Hire and Reward insurance comes in. It doesn't matter if you're delivering a single pizza or a whole truckload of appliances for a major manufacturer, having the right insurance is essential. Don't take any risks, get a quote for Hire and Reward insurance today and have peace of mind knowing you're protected.

Are you feeling unsure about which insurance policy to choose? A panel of specialist insurers are available to provide guidance and support to help you make the right decision.

Is hire and reward insurance cheap?

No business should go without the proper insurance cover, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. By working with a panel of experienced insurers, you can look for policies that fit your budget and still provide the necessary protection for your business.

Just what is hire and reward insurance?

If you're a delivery driver or work for a transport company that delivers goods that you don't own yourself, then hire and reward insurance is essential for you! This type of insurance covers a wide range of items, including hot, cold or frozen food, parcels, car spares, or just about anything that;s carried by notor transport, and it's required by law. Don't worry though, there are insurance providers out there to help you find the right policy to suit your needs.

There are so many different forms of hire and reward insurance available, though, and it's crucial that you find the one that's right for you.

Why are there different types of policy?

When it comes to hire and reward insurance, one size does not fit all. It's important to choose the right cover for your specific business needs. For instance: delivering parcels for companies like DHL, Yodel or Hermes is a unique job that requires specific insurance cover. Similarly, delivering large items like televisions or furniture also requires a different type of cover because the risks to the insurer are different. To give just one example: Delivery drivers who make multiple stops at unfamiliar locations rely on navigation tools to guide them, whilst those who transport a single large consignment to a known destination enjoy a more straightforward route. Insurers take these differences into account when evaluating risk and determining the appropriate policy for each type of driver.

As a result, knowing what kind of policy you need can be tricky, but with the help of specialist insurers, you can easily find the right policy for your business.

I keep hearing about food delivery insurance. What is it?

Food delivery insurance is just another name for hire and reward insurance for couriers who collect (usually) hot meals and bring them to your door. Like nearly all such policies, it almost certainly covers the policyholder for carrying pr-cooked meals; and no other. This usually usually covers a courier for delivering pre-prepared food; but nothing else. This form of insurance may not provide cover for transporting anything else, such as mixed parcels or groceries.

Is haulage the same as courier insurance?

Courier, delivery, and haulage insurance all belong to the hire and reward insurance category. However, insurance providers require different information, such as the frequency of deliveries, the type of products being transported, and the delivery region. This is why several policies are available to cater to different needs.

Why does a policy for delivering food cost so much?

Owing to the nature of their work, food delivery drivers face a higher risk of accidents than other drivers, leading to a higher claims record. Late-night deliveries can be particularly dangerous, as drivers struggle to navigate in the dark. Drivers are also expected to work in bad weather, increasing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, delivering fresh food adds pressure to drivers, who must ensure it arrives quickly and still hot. A cold or late-delivered meal means not only complaints, but probably no tip either - and many drivers rely on them for a substantial part of their income.

Insurers get twtchy over issues like these. Getting insurance quotes for food delivery drivers can be difficult owing to the increased risk posed by the combination of factors, which may encourage drivers to prioritise speed over caution.

Conversely, drivers working for the major parcel distributors may have many drops to complete in a day, but these are usually scheduled during daylight hours; and if there is a delay, it may not be a significant issue.

What is the conclusion then?

Firstly; if you deliver just about anything, and are paid for doing it, you have to have one form of hire and reward insurance or other. Fail to have a policy in force and if the police catch you (they will, eventually, thanks to their video cameras linked to an insurance database) or you are involved in an accident, the consequences could be awful.

However: don't make the mistake of assuming that having a hire and reward policy automatically covers you for all types of delivery work. It almost certainly doesn't. To ensure you have the right insurance policy that covers the specific type of work you do, it's essential to seek out the help of insurers who specialise in arranging the right policies for delivery drivers of all kinds.

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Drivers who need hire and reward insurance include those carrying the following goods:

animals or livestock blood or organs business goodscar partscash or valuableschemicalsclothingdangerous goodselectrical equipmentfurniturehousehold goodsmedical equipmentmedicationmixed parcelsnewspapersonline purchasespalletsParcelsPlant Equipmenttakeaway foodvehicleswaste and refusewholesale foodother goods

Others that may also be able to provide you with quotes include:

carvanBusinessself employedpay as you goadd onaverage costcomparecheapestdeliveroogoods in transithow muchchauffeurdhlyodeltntupshermes

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