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Just what is hire and reward insurance?

It is a vital type of insurance policy that provides cover to individuals or companies using their vehicles to transport passengers; or goods; in exchange for payment. This type of insurance is mandatory for all businesses or individuals operating vehicles for hire or reward within the United Kingdom; in short, if you deliver any goods that you don't own yourself, and are paid to do so, you have to have it.

However, by inviting a whole panel of specialist insurance providers to submit competitive quotes, you might keep the cost right down, without sacrificing the quality of your cover.

The whole pupose of hire and reward insurance is to safeguard drivers against any third-party property damage or injuries. Without this insurance, you could face significant financial loss due to liability for damages or injuries that may occur during transportation. Not to mention prosecution for driving without insurance, huge fines, vehicle impoundment, possible loss of driving licence etc - the police, and their cameras, are everywhere.

Apart from being a legal requirement, being adequately insured is an essential part of good business practice! Yes, having the right policies ensures that drivers are protected in case of any unforeseen circumstances; but it also shows their concern, not only for their own liabilities, but to their customers and the goods that they deliver to them, too. Result? More business for you.

Is it the same as 'haulage insurance'?

Haulage insurance is a form of Hire and reward insurance. It is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that provides cover for companies operating fleets of trucks or lorries used for transporting goods or cargo, and it is designed to protect the vehicles, their cargo, and third-party liabilities in the event of accidents, theft, fire, or damage.

Haulage insurance (at least the third party portion of it) is a legal requirement for businesses engaged in commercial haulage operations in the UK, and failure to obtain adequate cover can result in penalties and fines. The cost of haulage insurance premiums can vary depending on factors such as the size of the fleet, the value of the cargo, and the driving history of the company's drivers.

What about courier insurance?

Courier insurance is, again, a type of hire and reward cover, and it provides cover for individuals or companies engaged in delivering packages, parcels, or documents for a fee. Unlike haulage drivers, couriers typically deliver to many different addresses during a working day; their insurance risks are, therefore, different from a haulage driver who may take a single load to a single destination on each trip.

For this reason, although drivers who are paid to make deliveries all have to carry hire and reward insurance, there are many different types, and a lot of insurance policies are tailor made for the policyholders.

This is why professional help may be invaluable, in getting you not only an affordable policy, but the right cover too!

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Why is this insurance necessary?

  • Driving is what couriers do, and as a result, you may spend more time on the road than other drivers. Whilst this increased mileage is essential to getting the job done, it also means that there is a higher likelihood of accidents or incidents that may result in insurance claims.
  • Delivery drivers operate under tight schedules and strict deadlines, which can create significant time pressures. These pressures can increase stress levels and potentially contribute to accidents or incidents whilst on the road.
  • Delivery drivers often transport high-value cargo, which can be a magnet for thieves or vandals (and there are a lot of them about). This increased risk can result in insurance claims related to the theft or damage of cargo.
  • Navigating unfamiliar areas can be a pain in the neck for delivery drivers, potentially leading to increased risk of accidents owing to unfamiliar road layouts, or localised driving conditions.
  • The wear and tear on delivery vehicles can be more severe than on personal vehicles, which can increase the likelihood of mechanical breakdowns or other issues that may result in insurance claims.

To sum up: owing to the unique demands of the delivery driver role, insurance claims may be more likely compared to other drivers in the UK. These demands include increased mileage, time pressures, and high-value cargo.

Does hire and reward cover include goods in transic cover?

As far as a basic policy is concerned, the answer is 'no'. However many insurers bundle the two together; this is aften a cheaper option that buying separate policies.

Speaking of goods in transit insurance; it is not a legal requirement; however most employers, or owners of the goods being transported, are likely to insist on it; and a driver who didn't have it would be running a risk of a huge compensation claim if a cargo was lost or stolen.

How much does hire and reward insurance cost?

This is another of those 'how long is a piece of string' questions. The cost can vary enormously and the only way to find out the price of a policy for your own circumstances would be to get quotes. In working these out insurers take several factors into consideration , such as:

  • A driver's history. Previous accidents, driving convictions, and insurance claims are just a few examples of factors that may be considered when assessing risk.
  • The type of vehicle being used. Insurers will consider factors such as the make, model, and age of the vehicle, as some are more expensive to repair or replace than others. Some models may have a greater, or lesser, number of historical insurance claims too.
  • The type and value of the cargo being transported. This can have a huge impact on the likelihood of theft or damage (try, for instance, insuring eggs, or gold bullion) and therefore the premium that will be demanded.
  • The driving distance and time spent on the road. More time on the road can increase the likelihood of accidents or incidents.
  • The area of operation. Insurers evaluate factors such as traffic volume and crime rates to determine the risk level of the location; operating in certain inner city postcodes can push a premium up substantially, but working in quiet country towns can reduce it, too.
  • Safety measures. These can include vehicle tracking and security systems, which can help reduce the risk of theft or damage. Even lettering the vehicle can be viewed by some insurers as a safety measure; drivers tend to be more careful if they are easily identified, and spotting a stolen vehicle is made much easier, too.

So to sum up; to look for cheap van driver (courier) hire and reward insurance get quotes now!

How it works

You will have choices of two ways of getting quotes: either (a) online, if your requirements are fairly straightforward, or (b) from top specialist insurance providers, if you prefer a policy designed exclusively for your business.

Online Quotes

  • Once you have filled in a simple form quotes will be provided instantly online, so that you can compare premiums and benefits
  • You could have up to 60 policies to compare
  • You could get quotes for domestic use only; carriage of your own goods; or carrage of other people's goods (Hire and Reward cover).

Personalised Quotes

  • You fill in a simple form, giving some details of what you are looking for.
  • Depending upon your requirements, selected insurers from the panel will be asked to collect quotes for you.
  • You will receive quotations to compare.

You may need courier insurance if you carry the following goods:

animals or livestock blood or organs business goods car parts cash or valuables chemicals clothing dangerous goods electrical equipment furniture household goods medical equipment medication mixed parcels newspapers online purchases pallets Parcels Plant Equipment takeaway food vehicles waste and refuse wholesale food near me

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