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Private Medical Insurance

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Why should I consider private treatment?

The NHS is a wonderful institution with many dedicated staff. However, waiting lists are common for what are considered to be non-urgent treatments and GPs can be under considerable time pressure, so it is often difficult to get your problems dealt with promptly.

Having private treatment can usually allow you to get therapy at a time that suits you, rather than have to wait for a suitable NHS slot. Rather than discuss your concerns with a general practitioner who has dozens more patients waiting, it can be very reassuring to talk for as long as you wish with someone who specialises in your own ailment.

When we are in pain or worried about our health, waiting for an appointment to see a consultant can be very stressful, and this is the part that can often involve the longest delays. How much better it is for peace of mind to be able to arrange a meeting quickly rather than be left waiting for someone to contact us.

With the right private medical insurance you can not only discuss your situation with an expert more quickly, but you can also schedule any treatment that is necessary for a day that is convenient to you, rather than see your plans disrupted because you have to attend a hospital on an inconvenient date.

What are the benefits of medical insurance?

Some treatments can be horrendously expensive. Insurance is there to take away the worry that if you do need extensive treatments quickly, it wouldn't make a huge hole in your finances.

Subject to the level of cover you choose, benefits of private medical treatment can also include:

Why should I arrange my health insurance through you?

All that you need to do is provide just a few details and one or more specialist brokers will contact you. There are many different insurance schemes to choose from and these will be explained to you.

Will my privacy be respected?

The only persons you will talk to, or who will see your data, will be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. This body regulates the insurance industry and demands strict standards of privacy and professionalism. Your data will NOT be available to anyone who is not authorised to see it.

How do I proceed?

Just click on the link below and provide a few details. These will be matched with a specialist broker who will contact you and explain your options.

Policies can be paid for monthly or yearly, and individuals, couples, families or even large groups, such as clubs or employees of businesses, can be covered.

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