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Fast food insurance for young drivers

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Why food delivery jobs are a boom industry

There is a huge demand for food delivery drivers. Not only big companies such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Dominos are finding it difficult to recruit enough staff, but also thousands of owners of fast food shops, creating burgers, fish and chips, pizzas, kebabs; and even those running top restaurants; are finding that orders for food deliveries are expanding rapidly, meaning more jobs for those who want them. These jobs are particularly attractive to young people who are just starting out in their working life and are looking for experience as well as decent earnings.

Food deliveries increased substantially during the Covid lock downs as families were unable to get out to go to their favourite restaurants or takeaways, but demand has actually increased since then. According to the BBC the average spend on hot food deliveries was £452 before the epidemic started; this year it is projected to hit £641, an increase of more than 40%. Those job vacancies are only going to get bigger!

getting insured

A snag is the need for the right insurance. Quite rightly all the major companies and many of the smaller ones require proof that the delivery staff that they take on are properly insured; normal social domestic and pleasure cover is nowhere near enough and even business insurance won't cover food deliveries.

However; the majority of major insurance companies will not provide cover for drivers who make food deliveries, which means that finding the right policy at the right price can be something of a challenge.

Why do insurance companies shy away from fast food insurance?

Anyone who has seen a food deliverer weaving in and out of the traffic whilst trying to get hot meals to customers before they go cold will know the answer to that!

The accident rate amongst people in this type of work is a lot higher than the average because there is greater pressure on the delivery staff to drive a little faster than they really should in order to get food delivered whilst it is still fresh (and, incidentally, earn some decent tips!).

In addition it is mainly night work, which is far worse for accident risks than during daylight, demand for deliveries increase during bad weather, and the drivers/riders often have to concentrate on satnavs and other apps which can distract them from the road.

Insurers are concerned about risk; and food delivery drivers are at greater risk than the average of being involved in an accident. unfortunately young drivers are already at a greater risk than their older counterparts; partly because they tend to be less careful (sorry, but it's true), and they don't have as much experience at staying safe on the road.

What this means is that younger drivers, particularly those under the age of 21, and even more particularly those with little experience on the road, living in an inner city postcode, or with the odd insurance claim or motoring conviction, may find it difficult to get insured at all.

We prefer to be absolutely honest than raise false hopes. However, with a large panel of experienced brokers who in turn have contacts with numerous insurers, if one of them cannot find you an affordable policy then perhaps no one can.

Even if you are turned down for cover using a car for deliveries you could try using a scooter or moped instead; these are more economical anyway, and once you had clocked up some experience, getting more affordable quotes in the future should get easier.

You have nothing to lose so why not give it a try; ask for quotes now!

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