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Are you a fast food delivery driver? Do you deliver takeaway food, pizzas, kebabs, fine restaurant food, either full or part time? Many drivers are unaware that whether you deliver by car, van, motorbike or scooter, to comply with the law you'll need the right insurance. Work of this kind invalidates most car insurance policies. Don't worry though; by comparing quotes from a number of specialist courier insurers we can help you find a policy at the right price, with the right benefits!

Why do I need fast food courier insurance?

An ordinary car insurance policy will not cover you for food deliveries if you do that for a living, or as part of your job, even if you do it part time. If you don't have the right insurance and you have an accident you risk having to pay for all the damages yourself which could be an economic disaster. If anyone was injured during the accident you could face massive compensation claims.

You would also be breaking the law because you would, in effect, be driving without insurance and the penalties for that are very heavy. Fines run into hundreds of pounds, penalty points threaten your driving licence and future motor insurance costs skyrocket. It really isn't worth the risk.

The police are very aware that many delivery drivers are unaware of the law. They are easy to spot and are regularly caught, fined and sometimes disqualified from driving under the 'topping up' rule.

Do I still need food delivery insurance if I only do it part time?

Insurance companies always ask if their customers have a second occupation. Not letting them know about one, even if it is only for a few hours a week, can give them an excuse not to pay out on a claim and can even lay motorists open to criminal prosecution.

Why can't my own car insurance company cover me for delivering food?

Most insurance companies won't even consider covering fast food delivery drivers. You may well be a careful and considerate driver but it is important that food is delivered quickly so that it is still hot and fresh so some drivers are tempted to drive faster than they normally would. Also the more deliveries that are made, the higher the earnings, which again is a big temptation to take more risks on the road. Mainstream insurers are not interested in the risk of high claims that this creates.

Fortunately, though, there are a few specialist insurance companies that are willing to provide courier insurance at affordable rates.

Since we have a panel of these companies who we can ask to quote for you, you have more chance of finding the lowest possible quotations.

How do I get insurance cover for food deliveries?

It used to be very difficult and extremely expensive. however we have access to a panel of specialist insurers who are prepared to offer competitive quotations. All you need to do is give them a few details and they will prepare quotations for you.

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