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If you deliver food for Just Eat, or anyone else, using a car, scooter, van, motorbike or even moped, you will need to have food delivery insurance. Not only is it a condition of delivering for them, but it is a legal requirement, and not being properly insured can result in severe penalties.

Doesn't my normal insurance policy cover me if I am delivering food?

No. What your policy covers will be strictly defined in your policy documents and nearly every policy excludes deliveries that you get paid for. Taking a gift parcel to someone is usually OK, but if that parcel contains goods for sale, or you are paid to delivery it, then you you are classed as a courier, and need what is known as 'Hire And Reward' Insurance. Food delivery insurance is a form of this, designed specifically for the growing army of food delivery drivers.

Is courier insurance expensive?

It costs more than standard social, domestic and pleasure insurance. However, by having access to a whole panel of specialist insurance providers you may be able to save a lot of money by comparing quotations.

Why is it more expensive?

The more deliveries a driver (or rider) makes, the more money that person earns. Also, hot food can spoil if kept for too long. As a result, there can be a tendency to go a bit faster than it is safe to do so.

In addition most deliveries are carried out in the evening or at night, and sometimes in bad weather (when demand increases).

This means that there is a greater possibility of the insurance company having to pay out on claims, so most mainstream vehicle insurers avoid this type of policy completely.

However there are a number of specialist insurers happy to offer competitive quotations, that you can compare, for this type of work.

Is Just Eat a good company to deliver for?

Just Eat is a huge and growing company. Not only do they serve more than 60,000 restaurants but they are moving into UK grocery deliveries too, with an agreement to deliver fresh food or other grocery items from a number of Asda locations. Over 1000 items are planned to be available with deliveries seven days a week.

They already have a long standing agreement to deliver pizzas, and other hot meals, from the Asda Kitchen cafes and worldwide they already deal with about 10,000 grocery outlets.

Add to this the fact that according to, the major jobs site, of all the major fast food delivery companies, Just Eat pays their delivery drivers the most on average, and they would seem to be a good company to work for with exciting prospects for possible future advancement within the company.

Do Just Eat provide insurance for their delivery drivers?

The majority of fast food delivery staff working under their umbrella are self employed, and must therefore provide their own transport and insurance.

Can I buy fast food delivery cover from a price comparison site?

We don't know of a single genuine price comparison site that includes food delivery cover in the policies they offer. However our partners have a whole panel of insurance providers available who can send you quotes to compare. It is only necessary to fill in a short simple form so why not get competitive quotes now?

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