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If you are looking for affordable hire and reward insurance, why ask an insurer for a quote when there is a whole panel of them available, who could look for multiple quotes for you to compare?

What is hire and reward insurance?

This is insurance for people who are delivering goods, or carrying people, and getting paid for it. To be precise: if you are delivering your own goods you don't need this type of cover, but it is a legal requirement if you are paid to carry goods that either don't belong to you or are being delivered to someone who is going to buy them from you.

If I have hire and reward insurance, can I carry any kind of goods?

Normally a policy specifies the type of goods that can be carried. If you delivered any other kind of goods apart from the ones specified on your policy you could find yourself uninsured unless your insurer permitted this.

In other words someone insured to carry furniture would not usually be covered for delivering groceries, and vice versa.

This is why it is vital to have proper advice when buying a policy of this kind.

Is hire and reward the same as courier insurance?

Many people think they are the same but they are not. Hire and reward cover is usually meant for those who collect a single load and deliver it to a single destination. Courier insurance is a similar policy, which is meant for those making multiple deliveries to different addresses; in other words people like drivers working for a parcel delivery company such as Amazon, or those making home deliveries of fast food.

Don't worry about this though; a good insurer will be able to make sure you get the right cover.

Do I still need this insurance if I only deliver goods part time?

Yes. On just about every vehicle insurance proposal form the applicant is asked about any part time jobs. Failing to disclose one can invalidate a policy, leaving the driver open to a charge of driving without insurance, and even facing compensation claims if the vehicle is involved in an accident. This doesn't just apply whilst the vehicle was being used for delivering goods; the policy could be deemed invalid even if it was being used for social, domestic or pleasure purposes, if the driver had not disclosed the part time job to the insurer.

How do I buy the correct hire and reward policy?

Easy. Just complete the simple form and your enquiry will be passed on to selected specialist hire and reward brokers. They will get suitable quotes for you and send them to you.

All of these insurance specialists will be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which insists on the highest standards of service and privacy.

Will insurance brokers charge me a fee?

Insurance brokers (and, incidentally, the owners of price comparison sites) are usually paid a commission for every policy they introduce. It is rare for them to make extra charges, unless the policy is a highly specialised one, or the underwriters are amongst the very few that don't offer commissions. This means that not only are you likely to have help to find the right policy from a highly experienced professional, but it should cost you no extra, as a bonus!

So, don't delay: get quotes right away.

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