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What kind of insurance does a delivery driver need?

It's a form of Hire and Reward Insurance. It's sometimes called courier insurance or Class 3 business insurance but there are subtle differences. Don't worry though, the members of the insurer panel will make sure you get the right cover!

Who needs this type of insurance?

Anyone who gets paid for delivering goods. This could be anything from heavy furniture items, to small parcels or even a pizza.

It is vital that you get the right insurance, though. For instance, a policy that covers a fast food courier delivering hot meals wouldn't necessarily be the right one for someone delivering washing machines or hospital equiment. This is why most well known insurers avoid it - they prefer simpler, mass market policies. There are a lot of specialist insurers, though, that offer competitive premiums that you can compare, whatever it is that you carry.

What if I only make the odd delivery in my spare time?

If you have a standard car, van, or even scooter/motorbike policy, and you deliver goods in exchange for payment, even on a part-time basis, then without additional cover you would probably be breaking the terms of your policy. This could lead you open to being uninsured even whilst you were not out on deliveries. If you had an accident you could face eye watering costs, and if the police caught you, your driving licence and job could be at risk.

What type of delivery driver insurance can I buy?

As usual there would be a choice of third party, third party fire and theft and comprehensive policies. You could have a standalone policy that covers you for social, domestic and pleasure purposes as well as delivery work, or you can sometimes buy a 'top-up' policy that is in addition to a normal policy and only covers you when you are working. Some insurers offer this as a 'pay as-you-go' option.

You should be careful with top-up policies though. Most mainstream insurers will not accept them - after all there could easily be disputes between the insurers over which one should pay out if you had an accident. It is vital that if you are thinking of buying a top-up that you inform your regular insurer, otherwise you could well find their cover withdrawn, leaving you uninsured. They can be a bit complex too, often requiring you to log on and off. Forgetting to do so could of course leave you uninsured.

Is delivery driver insurance expensive?

It costs more than normal SD&P insurance. This is because delivery drivers face additional risks on the road because they can be under pressure to make deliveries on time. Insurers from the panel can, however, look for the most affordable policies for you.

Does this insurance cover the goods I'm carrying?

Sometimes policies can include Goods in Transit Cover, which protects against loss of, or damage to, the items you are delivering, as well as Personal Liability Insurance in case you yourself cause loss or injury to anyone else during the course of your work. If not, these can usually be added as optional extras.

Sounds good. How do I get quotes?

Just fill in a short proposal form. Experieced, qualified insurance providers will search for quotes for you and will send them to you to compare. Naturally, all the insurers are fully Authorised and Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority which means that they will obliged to work in your very best interests (which they would anyway 😀 )

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