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Cheap car insurance for women - does it exist?

It is still possible for female drivers to pay less for their car insurance, despite the fact that since Dec 2012, car insurance providers are no longer able to discriminate against a person based only on their gender. There are still plenty of ways in which ladies can gain access to lower premiums. Insurers can, and do, offer discounted premiums to those jobs which have a higher proportion of females; nursing, law, HR, accounting, and teaching for example. Additionally, women drivers are statistically safer than men, and less accidents means less claims, which means lower premiums for the ladies.

Will my age affect my premium?

They say every cloud has a silver lining, and in insurance terms, this may be that fact that your increasing age will have a beneficial effect on your premium price. Ladies pay a lot less for their car insurance after the age of 30, all the way up to 60. Young women between the ages of 17 and 20 will pay the highest prices, as their accident risk is the highest, but premiums will fall after the age of 20. Ladies over 60 can find some of the cheapest policies around, and these prices have been falling (relatively speaking) in the years since 2012.

Where should I look for the most suitable policy?
Most people would assume that using an on-line price comparison site is the best way to go, as you can easily find the cheapest policy. This can lead to problems though, as the policy may not really meet your needs, and in the worst case scenario, could end up with the company refusing to pay out against a claim. If your driving needs are in any way different from the average, visiting a broker should result in a tailor-made policy which you can be sure is an excellent fit. Brokers can help with licence endorsements, low No Claims Bonus, performance vehicles, modifications, returning drivers who have taken a break, young drivers and many other unique circumstances. They can also give you advice on which companies are best to work with in the event that you do need to make claim, and which companies you should steer clear of.

What about women-only insurers?

As the EU ruling in Dec 2012 prevented insurers from offering discounts to women simply because they were women, you will not automatically get a cheaper quote from a Women-only company. As we mentioned above there are other factors which will reduce a driver’s premium. Your age and occupation both have an effect, as do the type of car you drive, and where you keep it. A smaller, more efficient vehicle will reduce your premium, and if you are able to keep your car off the road or garaged, there will be further savings. Unfortunately your postcode is also taken into account when calculating your risk; if you live in a high crime area, keeping your car secure will be all the more important. While women-only companies can offer policy perks women may find attractive, such as family-friendly repair garages, it is still better to ask your broker or shop around for the best deal.

But doesn't it all come down to price?

While keeping costs low is important to us all, the most important thing is that your policy covers what you need it to cover, and pays out efficiently should an accident happen. If a customer just goes for the cheapest policy a price comparison site brings up, they may regret it down the line. Customer reviews will tell you what the company’s claims process is like, and reading the small print is critical before you make a final decision. What may look like a great choice on the surface could be the result of gimmicks hiding flaws in the policy. For example - you may get cover for your handbag, but if you don’t get a courtesy car, how will you get the children to school if you do have an accident? Now that you know which factors affect your premium, take your time to shop around - you can make sure you get the cheapest price possible while protecting the things that really matter the most to you.
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