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How to pay monthly for your car insurance

paying monthly for car insurance, for most motorists, is quite possible. There are not only a large number of policies that you can pay for from month to month, but you can compare prices from over 100 providers too, and possibly save a lot of money.

Does it cost more to pay this way?

In most cases it costs a little more. It's usually cheaper to pay in one lump sum, in advance. However the charges vary from one insurer to another. By comparing quotes, you can not only see which policies are the cheapest if you pay in full, but you can also sort them in order of monthly repayments, too. So, you may well end up paying less than you do now, even allowing for credit charges.

Does every price comparison site offer monthly payments?
Not necessarily. Some insurers won't accept it, and some demand large deposits.If you click on the link on this page, however, you will be able to compare quotes from insurers who will accept as little as one twelth of the total premium (including charges) as an initial payment, with the same sum payable for the following eleven months. You can also see which benefits you will be offered as standard, and which ones are optional extras. You are then free to decide which, if any, you would like to add to your policy. Finally, in most cases you should be offered a choice of comprehensive, third party or third party fire and theft policies.

Can I stop paying, at any time?

No. You will have contracted to pay over 12 months and this will be expected of you. However most insurers offer partial refunds to customes who need to cancel before the full 12 months is up. To investigate this you would need to check their terms and conditions, which will be easily accessible after you've had your quote. Assuming that you meet all the payments, when the policy becomes due for renewal the insurer should contact you in good time with a renewal quote. In most cases you could then continue paying monthly at the new rate.

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