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  • Learners 17-30 can apply
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Are you learning to drive?

Gaining experience before you take your test can not only increase your chances of passing first time but also help you be a much safer driver. Buying short term learner driver insurance can be an economical way to get that vital time on the road.

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How to pass your test as quickly and economically as possible

Professional driving instruction is very advisable if you are to learn how to drive properly. There is more to it than just mastering steering and gear changes, and learning the highway code. You have to learn how to react to other road users, anticipate possible dangers, and adapt to changing weather conditions to name just a few. A trained instructor should be able to pass on knowledge about these and many other situations that you are likely to come up against.

There is no substitute for practical experience, as well as formal tuition, though. This way you can gain confidence as well as learn to make the right decisions and act instinctively instead of having to think first! The problem is that driving instructors don't come cheap and there may be a friend, or family member, with a car you can practice in, or you may own a car yourelf. This is where short term learner driver insurance comes in.

Does it take long to get a quote?

Provided that you have your driving licence handy, and you know the registration number of the car you are going to drive, it should only take a minute to get a quote then a few minutes more to buy a policy

Would you qualify for learner driver insurance?

You would probably qualify if you can answer 'yes' to the following questions:

  • Do you hold a valid UK provisional driving licence?
  • Is your age between 17 and 30?
  • Are you employed?
  • Have you a clean driving licence with no pending prosecutions?
  • Has your driving been accident and claim free to date?
  • Have you been a permanent UK resident for at least the last 12 months?
  • Have you been free of criminal convictions in the past, and have no future prosecutions panding?

If so you would be welcome to apply.

General conditions

(1) You would have to be accompanied at all times by someone aged over 25 with a full driving licence which has been held for at least three years. This person must have been a permanent Uk resident for at least two years and must not have been convicted of a drink driving offence within the last five years. Approved driving instructors (ADI) or Driving Standards Agency Examiner are exempt from these requirements.

(2) Cover is only valid whilst you are a learner; it would cease after you had passed your test.

(3) The car you drive must be taxed and MOT'd and, unless you own it yourself, insured by the car owner.

(4) If the person accompanying you does not own the car he/she must be insured to drive it and have the permission of the owner to do so.

Can any car be insured?

Each insurer has a list of cars that it will cover. This usually includes most popular, modern cars on the road in Britain today. However in general the car must have less than 7 seats, be valued at less than £25,000, be in insurance group 28 or lower, be unmodified and never subjected to a 'write-off' classification. It must not be a rented car.

To check if the car you wish to insure will qualify, just get a quote; it will only take a minute and you won't even need to give your name and address at this stage.

Is the cover comprehensive or third party?

Most insurers offer comprehensive policies.

If I have an accident, will it affect the accompanying driver's own insurance policy?

No. This is a separate policy and so a claim will not affect the no claims bonus of your accompanying driver.

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