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Exploring Newquay

Newquay, nestled within the heart of Cornwall, is a charming town known for its stunning beaches and thriving surfing community. It's a lively locale, attracting a mix of residents and tourists year-round.

How Did Newquay Come to Be?

The town's history is rich, with its roots tracing back to the fishing industry. Over time, Newquay has evolved into a sought-after tourist destination, with its vibrant culture and scenic coastline creating a perfect blend for residents and visitors alike.

What's the Traffic Like in Newquay?

Traffic within the town can be dense, particularly during the tourist season. With narrow streets and an influx of visitors, navigating the roads requires attentiveness to avoid any mishaps. Surfers carrying their gear can also sometimes make manoeuvring tricky, so an extra dose of caution is advised.

Which Areas Might Affect Your Premiums?

When it comes to car insurance in Newquay, premiums may vary depending on the area or the road. Here are six specific localities or roads that might influence your premiums:

  • Bank Street - Busy and congested, could lead to increased premiums.
  • Henver Road - High traffic volumes might result in higher premiums.
  • Tower Road - Its proximity to local amenities could mean lower premiums owing to increased surveillance.
  • Mount Wise - Quieter area, potentially resulting in reduced premiums.
  • Edgcumbe Avenue - A residential area that may offer more economical premiums.
  • Cranfield Road - Lower traffic could translate to competitively priced premiums.

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The Main Causes of Road Traffic Accidents in Proximity to Newquay

Given the bustling nature of Newquay and its surrounding areas, road traffic accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence. There are several causes attributed to these accidents, with speeding, driver distraction, and poor weather conditions being paramount.

Speeding in Quintrell Downs

In the area of Quintrell Downs, speeding is a prominent cause of road traffic accidents. The fast-flowing traffic coupled with the regular influx of visitors, especially during the holiday seasons, contributes to a higher risk of collisions and road mishaps.

Driver Distraction in St Columb Minor

St Columb Minor has witnessed a significant number of road accidents primarily owing to driver distraction. The use of mobile phones and in-car entertainment systems have been known to divert drivers' attention, making the roads in this area particularly unsafe.

Poor Weather Conditions in Porth

The coastal location of Porth results in frequent poor weather conditions, including fog and rain, leading to slippery roads and reduced visibility. These conditions make it difficult for drivers to navigate the roads safely, thereby increasing the likelihood of accidents occurring.

Impaired Driving in Mawgan Porth

Impaired driving is a major concern in Mawgan Porth, with drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs being a common cause for road accidents. The impaired judgement and reduced reaction times of such drivers make this area prone to collisions.

Road Conditions in Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay experiences accidents predominantly owing to the varying road conditions. The presence of sharp bends and steep gradients can be tricky to manoeuvre, especially for unfamiliar drivers, and thus, lead to accidents.

Traffic Congestion in Crantock

In Crantock, the high levels of traffic congestion, particularly during peak hours and tourist seasons, play a significant role in road accidents. The stop-and-go traffic often results in rear-end collisions and side-impact accidents as drivers struggle to navigate through the crowded streets.

For those who are concerned about road safety and would like to ensure they have adequate insurance protection, it is possible to obtain up to 120 quotes online or by contacting local brokers. Ensure peace of mind and protection on the roads surrounding Newquay by securing your insurance quote today!

Prefer to deal with a local broker?

The following brokers (all members of the British Insurance Brokers Association) are reasonably close to you:

Reg Hambly Insurance Brokers LLP
Telephone: 01208816440
20 Molesworth Street
PL27 7DG

Rowett Insurance Broking Limited
Telephone: 01726871144
1 Southview House
St Austell Enterprise Park
PL25 4EJ

Towergate Insurance (REDRUTH)
Telephone: 01209200727
Suite 2a, Gateway Business Centre
Barncoose Gateway Park
TR15 3RQ

Cornish Insurance Consultants
Telephone: 01840213836
126-128 High Street
PL33 9AJ

Gist Insurance Brokers Ltd
Telephone: 01579383456
53-54 Fore Street
PL17 7DL

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