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Want a better deal on your car insurance in Market Harborough? Look at up to 120 quotes from a variety of the UK's top car providers instantly online, or give a call to a local broker!

What is Market Harborough Like?

Market Harborough is a tranquil market town with moderate traffic. However, it's essential to be vigilant as the occasional congested areas and unexpected road conditions can influence car insurance premiums.

Which Areas in Market Harborough Have Different Insurance Ratings?

Insurance premiums can vary depending on specific localities and roads within Market Harborough.

  • Abington Street; less traffic could mean more economical premiums.
  • Adam and Eve Street; the compact road layout might raise premiums owing to a heightened risk of minor collisions.
  • King's Road; this busy area could result in higher premiums owing to increased traffic.
  • Northampton Road; lower premiums may be available here owing to fewer traffic disturbances.
  • High Street; being a busy street, it might have a slightly higher premium.
  • Fairfield Road; tranquil and with less traffic, offering a chance for more affordable premiums.

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Understanding Main Causes of Road Traffic Accidents Near Market Harborough

Being well-informed about the common causes of road traffic accidents in areas surrounding Market Harborough can lead to safer driving experiences and potentially reduced car insurance premiums.

What are the Common Causes of Accidents in Nearby Areas?

Numerous accidents occur owing to speeding, distraction, reckless driving, and sometimes, unclear road signs and markings. Perhaps clearer signs and more conspicuous markings would contribute to safer driving in these areas.

Where Do Accidents Occur Frequently?

In the vicinity of Market Harborough, several places are known for frequent accidents.

  • Corby: This area experiences a high volume of accidents, often owing to the busy nature of the roads and impulsive driving.
  • Kettering: Intersections and busy roads in this area see a significant number of collisions, mostly owing to distracted driving.
  • Lutterworth: The mix of high-speed roads and busy junctions can lead to accidents, primarily when drivers are inattentive or exceeding speed limits.
  • Rothwell: With its bustling streets, accidents often occur here owing to lack of concentration and hurried driving.
  • Desborough: Accidents frequently happen here owing to the convergence of high-speed and residential roads, requiring drivers to be extra cautious.
  • Uppingham: A combination of high-speed limits and busy intersections make this area prone to collisions, predominantly because of speeding and reckless driving.

How to Ensure Safer Driving in These Areas?

Observing speed limits, staying attentive, avoiding reckless driving, and respecting other road users are imperative for ensuring safer driving around Market Harborough. Additionally, adhering to road signs and markings, especially enhanced ones, can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

Looking for Sensibly Priced Car Insurance?

Get quotes from up to 120 providers online, or contact local brokers for more personalised options. Don't wait, start exploring your options and secure your quote now!

Prefer to deal with a local broker?

The following brokers (all members of the British Insurance Brokers Association) are reasonably close to you:

Coversure Insurance Services Ltd (Leicester)
Telephone: 08003081055
Suite 1f, Carlton House
28 Regent Road

Berkeley Insurance Group UK Ltd
Telephone: 01162614747
2 Colton Square

Arthur J Gallagher (Leicester)
Telephone: 01162546221
Medius House 1 Great Central Square
3rd Floor

S E Holroyd & K L Holroyd
Telephone: 01572756711
Unit 23C Ashwell Road
Oakham Enterprise Park
LE15 7TU

A-plan Insurance (Northampton)
Telephone: 01604434130
8 Abington Street

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