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Public Liability Insurance

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A public liability policy could save your business from disaster!

It is not obligatory for UK businesses to hold Public Liability Insurance. Perhaps it should be. Having to pay compensation to members of the public who are injured - or even killed - as a result of an accident on business premises like shops, offices, or garages, or are hurt (physically or financially) by perhaps the simplest error on the part of an employee can easily destroy a business.

Some professions insist on it, and an increasing number of businesses and public sector organisations will only work with companies with substantial cover in place.

And yet the smaller the business, the less likely they are to have cover, despite the fact that they are most at risk of financial disaster in the event of a claim.

What is the scale of public liability claims in britain?

According to the UK Government's Compensation recovery Unit there were more than 72,000 claims in the year between 2019 and 2021. Not only did these claims cost business owners (or, hopefully, their insurers) considerable sums of money but they took up an awful lot of time, that could have been spent on business matters instead, because this type of claim can take a very long time to settle - which means heavy legal fees too.

How can public liability insurance soften the blow?

Every insurer has a different public liability package but in general you can get covered against:

☑ Compensation claims for personal injury: for instance if someone slips on your premises, trips over an electrical lead you have plugged into a microphone, or falls over a parcel you have delivered.

☑ Damage to property: for example a plumber who is blamed for leaks that bring down a ceiling, builders who set fire to a house, hairdressers who treat a client with a chemical they are allegic to.

☑ Legal costs: in a defended case these can prove extremely expensive, even if you win your case.

☑ Medical costs: the NHS (quite rightly) try to recover the costs of ambulancees and hospital treatments from businesses held liable for accidents.

Would public liability insurance cover the full costs of a claim?

No, there is usually an excess that the business has to pay, normally £250 or £500 or so but it could vary. This is of course far less than the potential liability, which could run into the millions.

Can I get cover for short term events, such as shows, displays or concerts?

Certainly, some insurers will provide cover for single events, and even run-off insurance (that is cover for future claims, for events or other activities which took place in the past.)

Would it pay for injuries to my employees?

No, this should be covered by your Employer's Liability Insurance (a legal requirement if you employ staff). However some insurers bundle the two types of cover together, to save costs.

How can I buy public liability insurance, or other business insurance?

Every business is unique. Before an insurer can give you a quote they need to know something about your business. So, if you fill in our easy form a panel of insurers and specialist brokers can work out quotes for you.

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Public liability insurance can be arranged for the following businesses:

Access consultant; access control and door entry system engineer; accountant; acoustic consultancy; acoustic engineer; actuarial consultancy; actuary; acupressure acupuncture; addressing/circularising services; administration; adoption society; adult bookstore; advanced nurse practitioner; advanced paramedic; advertising agency; advertising consultancy; advertising contractor - billboard/hoarding; aerial installation, service and repair; aerial surveying; after dinner speaking; after-school club; after-school club teaching; agricultural consultancy; agricultural contracting; agricultural contractor; agricultural engineer; agricultural implements retailing; agricultural machinery contractor; agronomy; air conditioning installation, service and repair; air filter installation, service and repair; aircraft design; alarm installation, service and repair; alexander technique; allergy therapy; ambulance technician; amusements; amygdala depotentiation techniques (adt); angel card reading; angel therapy; animal breeder; animal breeding; animal carer; animal feed distribution (domestic only); animal rescue home (domestic only); antique furniture repairers; antique furniture retail; antique restoration; antique/rare books dealing; antiques retail; app developer; aqua detox therapy; aqua fit; aquarium installation, service and repair; aquarium retail; arbitration; arboriculture; archaeology; architect; architectural consultant; architectural metalwork engineer; architectural surveying; architectural technician; architectural technologist; archiving; army and navy surplus; aromatherapy; art metal working; art therapy; art classes; art criticism; art dealing; art gallery; art metal working; art restoration; art teaching; art valuation; artexer; artificial grass installation, service and repair; artist; artists' materials retail; arts and crafts making; arts and crafts retail; arts and crafts classes; arts and crafts teaching; artwork retail; asbestos remover; asbestos surveying; ascension therapy; asphalt and road contractor; assertiveness training for work; assessing; astrology; astronomy; astroturf installation, service and repair; auctioneer; audio / visual media hire; audio / visual media retail; audio visual equipment engineer; audiologist; audiology; auditing; aura imaging photography; aura soma; author; autogenic; automatic gate and barrier contractor; awning installation, service and repair.

Baby massage; baby clothing retail; baby goods retail - second hand; baby goods retail; babysitting agency; bach flower remedies; baggage handler; bailiff; baker; bakery; baking classes; baking tutor / teaching; bank; banking; banksman; bar; barber; bariatric nurse; barrel making; barrister; basement converter; basket making; basket/brush ware retail; basketwear wholesalers; bates method; bath enameller and resurfacer; bathroom equipment retail; bathroom installation and repair; beautician; beauty therapist; bed and breakfast; bed retail; bedding retail; beekeeper; beer and cider making; beer and cider retail; beer line cleaner; behaviour therapy; belts,scarves and gloves retailing; bereavement counselling; betting shop; bill poster; bingo hall; bio electrography; bio testing; biofeedback; biomagnetic therapy; biomedical scientist; biorhythms; blacksmith; blast cleaner; blind installation, service and repair; blogger/vlogger; boat carpenter; boat cleaner and valet; boat hire; boat machinery installation, service and repair; boat machinist; boat painter; boat repairer - fitting or re-fitting; boat retail; boat rigger; boat sailmaker; body balance; body conditioning / swiss ball body talk; body talk; boiler installation, service and repair; bokwa; bonsai tree retailer; book retail; bookbinding; bookkeeping; bookmaking (off course); bookmaking - on course; bookmaking; boom operator; botany; bouncy castle hire; boutique; bowen technique; brain soul fusion; breath therapy; bric a brac retail; bricklayer; bridal wear hire; bridal wear retail; broadband installation, service and repair; brushware making; builder; builders merchant; building consultancy; building surveying; building consultancy; building inspector; building lighting technician; building maintenance; building management; building site labourer; building society; building society agency; building steam cleaner; building surveying; buqi healing; bureau de change; burger bar; bus valeter; business advisory service; business analyst; business and management consultancy; business consultancy; business training; business transfer agency; butcher; buteyko; butler.

CCTV installation, service and repair; cd / dvd retail; cabinet making; cable tv installation - excluding cable laying; cable tv installation; cable contractor; cafe; café; cake / baked goods retail; cake maker / decorator; calibration consultancy; calibration equipment engineer; call centre; calligraphy; camera and photography retail; camera and photography services; camera operator; camping and outdoor equipment retail - second hand; camping and outdoor equipment retail; candle retail; candy floss machine hire; car hire; car valet; car window etcher; car/motorbike equipment and accessories retail - second hand; car/motorbike equipment and accessories retail; cardiovascular technologist; career consultancy; careers advisory service; caretaker; carpenter; carpenter/joiner; carpet and upholstery cleaner; carpet (oriental/persian) retail; carpet / flooring retail; carpet cleaner; carpet fitter; cartography; cartoonist; cash and carry; cash register and scales engineer; catalogue coordination; catalogue distribution; catering; catering consultancy; catering equipment installation; catering equipment retail; catering machinery engineer; cattery; caulker; cavity wall insulator; ceiling installation, service and repair; ceiling tiler; celebrants; central heating services; ceramics and pottery retail; ceramics and pottery making; certified accountant; chair lift installation, service and repair; chamber of commerce; charity; charity shop; chartered accountant; chartered engineer; chartered surveying; chauffeur services; chavutti thirumal; cheesemonger; chef; chemist; chi kung; childcare advisory service; childminding; children’s clothing retail; children’s nursery; children’s nursery work; chimney flue and lining installation; chimney sweep; chimneys stacks and vents steeplejack; china / glassware hire; china / glassware retail; chiropodist; chocolate fountain hire; chocolatier; choreography; christmas goods retail; citizens advice bureau; civil engineer; civil/consultancy engineering; cladding contractor; claims adjusting; claims assessing; cleaner; cleaner exterior of buildings; cleaners of commercial premises; clerical service; clerical training consultancy; clinical pharmacist; clinical physiologist / scientist; clinical laboratory scientist; clinical waste and biohazard waste remover; clock repair; clock retail; clothing hire (fancy dress); clothing hire; clothing retail; coffee / tea retail; coffee shop; cognitive behavioural therapist; coin / medal dealing; colour acupuncture; colour analysis; colour breathing; colour reflexology; colour therapy; colour consultancy; comic retail; commissioner for oaths; community nurse; community action group; company registration; company search agency; complaint consultancy; complaint handler; compliance consultants; composer; computer aided design; computer analysis; computer cabling; computer consultancy; computer engineer; computer games retail; computer graphics; computer hardware and software installation; computer hardware consultancy; computer parts and accessories retail; computer programming; computer retail; computer service and repair; computer software consultancy; computer software house; computer software retail; computer supplies; computer training school / service; concrete driller; concrete finisher; concrete pourer - ready mix products; condiments making; confectionery making; confectionery retail; conference management; confined space contractor; coning and traffic flow contractor; conservation; conservatory installation, service and repair; construction plant machinery; construction plant operator; construction project management; consultant-energy conservation; container transport services; convenience store; conveyancing; conveyor belt installation, service and repair; conveyor installation, service and repair; cookery classes; cookery tutor / teaching; cooking classes; cooking tutor / teaching; cooling towers installation, service and repair; copywriting; correspondence school; corrosion consultancy; cosmetics / beauty retail - second hand; cosmetics / beauty retail; costume jewellery retail; counselling/advice centre; countryside ranger; courier/delivery service - excl bike/motorbike; coving contractor; crafter; craftwork making; crane and lifting equipment contractor; crane and lifting equipment inspection and testing; crane operator; cranio-sacral therapy; credit broking; credit card company; credit investigation agency; crystal acupuncture; crystal healing; crystal sound; crystal therapy; curios (bric-a-brac) retail; curtain and blind installation, service and repair; curtain / blinds retail; curtain making; curtain cleaner; curtain wall contractor; custom and excise; cutlery retail; cycle hire; cycle repair; cycle retail; cycling teaching.

Diy tools and equipment retail - second hand; diy tools and equipment retail; diy tools and equipment retail including timber; dj; dvd / video hire; dvd player installation, service and repair; damp proofing contractor; dance movement therapy; dance therapy; dance hall; dance teaching; daoying tao; data protection consultancy / gdpr consultancy; data analysis; data cable installation, service and repair; data processing; debt management; debt recovery consultancy; decorators' merchant; deep tissue massage; delicatessen; demolition contractor; dendrochronology; dental hygenist; dental technician; dental therapist; department store; design consultancy; design engineering; desktop publishing; despatch services; detective agency; diamond driller; dietician; dietician/ nutritionist; digital marketing consultancy; diplomatic service; disability consultancy; dispute resolution; district nurse; diver; dog breeding; dog grooming; dog walking; doll making; dolls / dolls house retail; domestic appliance engineer; domestic cleaning goods retail; domestic dog obedience training; domestic services; door supervisor staff; doormen; double glazing / windows showroom; double glazing installation, service and repair; doughnut maker; dowsing; drain cleaning; drain repair contractor; drainage installation, service and repair; drama and movement therapy; drama instruction; draper; draught proofing installation, service and repair; draughtsman; dredger; dress agency; dressmaker; drilling and boring contractor; drilling technician; drive laying, surfacing and repair - excl asphalt; drive laying, surfacing and repair; driver cpc and first aid training; driver; driving school; drone operator; dry cupping; dry cleaning and laundry receiving service; dry cleaning; dry lining contractor; dry stone wall construction and repair; ductwork installation, service and repair.

E-cigarettes and vaping retail; e-commerce; earth and rubble remover; earth moving contractor; eastern head massage; ecologists; economics consultancy; editorial consultancy; education advisory service; education consultancy; electrical appliance servicing; electrical engineer; electrical goods hire; electrical goods repair - domestic only; electrical goods repair; electrical goods retail; electrical tool retail; electrician; electro crystal therapy; electro magnetic field (emt); electrocardiogram technician; electronic equipment servicing; electronic engineer; electronics consultancy; electronics supervisor; electronics technician; electroplater; embalmer; embroiderer; embryologists; emergency care practitioner; emergency medical technician; emo trance; emotional freedom technique; emotional freedom therapy; employment agency; employment consultancy; empulse electromagnetic therapy; energy assessors; energy cone technique; energy healing; energy consultancy; engineer stoker; engineering consultancy; english tutor; engraving; environmental consultancy; escalator installation, service and repair; estate agency; event organisers (no concerts); event catering; event lighting technician; excavator operator; exhibition organiser; exhibition centre; exhibition design; exhibition management; exhibition stand erector; expert witness; export agency; export consultancy; extractor, ductwork and filter cleaner.

Fabric retail; face painting; factory manager; fairground worker; faith healing; family health; family planning agency; fancy dress retail; fancy goods retailing; farm manager; farm produce retail; farm worker; farrier; fascia installation and repair; fashion accessories retail; fashion boutique; fashion consultancy; fashion design; fashion stylist; fast food retail; fencing and boarding contractor; fencing contractor; feng shui consultancy; fermented vegetables making; fibre optics engineer - domestic only; filling station; film and theatre lighting technician; film gaffer; film processing; finance company; financial advisory service; financial consultancy; fire alarm system installation, service and repair; fire extinguishing equipment engineer; fire proofing and fire protection engineer; fire protection; fire risk assessor; fire safety consultancy; fire surround installation; fireplace installation; fireplace retail; firework display contractor; first aider; first responder; first aid training; fish and chip shop; fisheries consultancy; fishing tackle retail; fishmonger; fitness trainer; fitted bathroom installation; fitted bedroom installation and repair; fitted furniture installation and repair; fitted kitchen installation and repair; flat packed furniture assembler; floatation tank therapy; floor and wall tiler; floor cleaner; floor screeder; flooring contractor; florist; flower remedies; flower arranging; flower arranging classes; food / drink retail; food exporting; food hygiene consultancy; food importing; food industry consultancy; footwear retail; foreman; forensic nurse; forest ranger; forester; forestry consultancy; forestry contractor - excluding felling; forestry contractor - including felling; forestry plant machinery engineer; fork lift instructor; fork lift truck operator; fork lift truck service and repair; fortune telling; fostering/adoption agency; freight agent; french polisher; friendly society; frozen food retailer; fuel efficiency consultancy; fumigator; funeral and hospital equipment engineer; funeral celebrants; funeral director; funeral parlour; fur retail; furnace, kiln and oven engineer; furnishing contractor; furniture / furnishings retail; furniture assembly and repair; furniture making; furniture removal contractor; furniture repair; furniture retail; furrier.

Gadget shop; gaming and amusement machine engineer; garage and carport installation and repair; garage door installation, service and repair; garage machinery installation, service and repair; garden services; garden centre; garden equipment / supplies retail; garden machinery installation, service and repair; garden ornament making; gardener; gas fitter; gate installation, service and repair; gem remedies; genealogy; general store (licensed); general store (unlicensed); geneticist; geology; geopathic stress; gestalt therapy; gift retail; gifts and souvenirs; glass blowers; glass merchant; glass/glass goods decorators/engravers; glazier; goldsmith; golf equipment retail; golf professional shop; gown retail; graffiti removal contractor; graphic design; graphology; gravedigger; greengrocer; greeting card retail; grocer; groom, stable hand and riding staff; ground heat pump installation, service and repair; groundsman; groundwork and paving contractor; groundworker; guest house; gun retail; gunsmith; gutter and fascia board cleaner; gutter installation and repair; guttering and fascia board contractor; gym equipment installation, service and repair.

Haberdashery retail; hair and beauty consultancy; hair and beauty therapist; hairdresser; hairpiece and wig retail; handbag / accessories hire; handicraft retail; handyman; hardware retail; haulage contractor; healing dowsing; health kinesiology; health promotion practitioner; health visitor; health advice service; health and safety consultancy; health and safety inspection service; health and safety training consultancy; health food retail; health products distribution; health products retail; healthcare assistant; hearing therapy; heating and ventilating contractor; heating and ventilating engineer; heating consultancy; heating engineer; heating installation, service and repair; herb and spices retail; herbalists; hire purchase; hoarding contractor; hobby shop; hod carrier; home brew materials retail; home entertainment repair; home entertainment retail; home help services; home tutoring; homeopathy; homeware retail; hopi ear candles; hortculturalist; horticultural consultancy; hosiery retail; hospital consultancy; hot and cold stone massage; hot tub installation, service and repair; hotel; hotel and catering consultancy; house clearance contractor; house sitter; housing association; housing development; human resources and media industry consultancy; human resources consultancy; human rights organisation; hydraulic engineer; hydrogeology; hydrotherm massage; hygiene and cleaning services; hygiene and cleansing services; hypermarket; hyperton-x kinesiology; hypnobirthing; hypnotherapists {excluding past life regression}.

IT consultancy; IT network consultancy; IT project management; IT, seo and social media consultancy; ice cream parlour; illustrator; image consultancy; import consultancy; in car entertainment retail - second hand; in car entertainment retail; independent nurse prescriber; indian head massage; indoor plants and houseplants care; industrial coatings applicator; industrial consultancy; industrial design; industrial safety wear retail; inspection services; insulation engineer; insurance advisory service; insurance assessing; interior design; interior designer - including fitting; internet café; internet consultancy; internet service provider; interpreter; interpreting; intruder alarm retail; inventory consultancy; investment banking; iridology; ironing services; ironmonger.

Jaffe mellor technique (JMT); jam and preserves making; jam, preserves and condiments maker; japanese facial massage; jewellery design; jewellery retail - luxury; joiner; journalism; journalistic agency; juice, shakes and smoothie making.

Kalari foot massage; kennels; kettle bells; key cutting; kinesiology; kitchen planners; kitchen and bathroom installation; kitchen installation; kitchen/bathroom design; kitchen/bathroom unit showroom; kitchenware retail; kite retail; knitting / sewing machine retail; knitting and crochet classes; knitting and crochet tutor / teaching; knitwear making; knitwear retail.

La stone therapy; laboratory technician; lactation consultant; lamp retail; land agency; land clearance; land drainage contractor; land draining; land surveying; landscape architecture; landscape gardener; landscaper; language tutor; laughter therapy; launderette- unattended; laundrette (attended); law centre; lawn care; lawyer; leaded windows and lights contractor; leaflet distribution; learning disabilities; lease broking; leasing company; leather goods retail; legal services; leisure industry consultants; licensed premises; licensing consultancy; life coach; lifestyle consultancy; lift dismantling engineer; lift installation, service and repair; lighting and rigging contractor; lighting consultancy; lighting installation, service and repair; lighting retail; lighting technician; lightning conductor contractor; linen hire; linen retail; lingerie retail; linguistics; locksmith; loft converter; loft conversion contractor - domestic only; loft insulator; logistics consultancy; loss adjusting; loss assessing; lottery agent; luggage and handbag retail; lumberjack; lymphatic drainage; lymphedema nurse.

M technique; machinery dismantling engineer; machinery installation, service and repair; machinery mover; machinery sales/repairs; machinery steam cleaner; magnet therapy; magnified healing; make-up artist; management consultancy; management training; manicurist and pedicurist; manipulative therapy; marine biology; marine broking; marine consultancy; marine equipment / supplies retail - second hand; marine equipment / supplies retail; marine equipment installation, service and repair; marine geology; marine surveying; market research; market trader; marketing; marketing consultancy; marquee and tent erection; marriage guidance; massage parlour; masseur; mastic sealant contractor - external; mastic sealant contractor - internal; maternity wear retail; maths tutor; meat market; mechanical access equipment operator; mediation; medical radiation scientist; meditation guidance; mehta massage; menswear retail; mental health support workers; meridian therapy; metal fabricator; metal fencing and gates contractor; metal recycler; metal stairs, railings and balustrades contractor; metamorphic technique; meteorology; meter reading; mickel therapy; microwave meals; milk delivery; miller; milliner / hatter; millwright; mineralogy; minicab operator; mining consultancy; mobile elevated working platform operator; mobile phone repair; mobile phone retail; mobility products engineer; model kits retail; model maker; modelling agency; money broking; moneylenders; monumental mason; mortgage advice; mortgage broking; motability equipment engineer; motorcycle couriers; motoring organisation; motorway services; munay ki; music therapy; music publishing; music retail; music studio; music teaching; musical instrument making and repairs; musical instrument repair; musical instrument retail; musical organ builder; musical organ restorer; musician; myofascial release.

Nail technician; nanny/child care; naturopathy; naval architect; neuro development therapy; neuro linguistic programming; neurology; newsagents; nightclub; non-destructive tester; non-destructive testing service; notary public; novelty / carnival goods; nurse anaesthetists; nurse dental; nurse general; nurse mental health; nurse paediatric; nurse prescriber /nurse; nursery goods retail - second hand; nursery goods retail; nursing associate; nursing auxiliary; occasionwear.

Occupational therapist; occupational health consultancy; occupational therapy; off licence; office equipment installation, service and repair; office equipment service and repairers; office fitter; office remover; office supplies / furniture retail; offshore surveying; ofsted inspector; online retail; online teaching/school; online tutor; operating dept practitioner; ophthalmic nurse; optician; organic food retail; orthopaedic equipment retail; orthorist/prosthesis; out of school club; oven builder; oven cleaner; oven, hob and extractor cleaner; overhead lineman.

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Quality assurance and nvq assessments; quality assurance; quantity surveying; quantum touch.

Racking and shelving installation; radiology; radionics therapists; rating and valuation; reading tutor; record shop; recreation consultants; recruitment agency; recruitment consultancy; reed diffuser retail; reflexology; refractory engineer; refrigeration engineer; refuse treatment consultancy; registrar; rehab clinic; reiki; rejuvanessence; relaxation therapy; relocation agency; removal contractor - domestic only; renal dialysis technologist; rendering contractor; repatriation nurse / flight nurse / off shore; research consultancy; respiratory therapist; restaurant; rigging contractors - theatrical and entertainment; riveter; road and motorway verge maintenance; road marking; road surfacing and repair; roller shutter door contractor; roofer; rope merchant; roughcaster; saddlery / equestrian retail - second hand.

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Underpinning and foundation contractor; underpinning contractor; undertaker; underwriting agency; upholsterer; upholsterers with limited use of cellular/foamed rubber; upholstery; upholstery cleaner; utility consultancy.

Vacuum cleaner repairs and service; valuation; vascular nurse; vegan milk making; vending machine engineer - excluding plumbing; vending machine engineer - including plumbing; venetian blind retail; ventilation installation, service and repair; vermin control; vertical reflex therapy {vrt}; veterinary nurse; vibration therapy; vibrational essences and flower remedies; video / dvd hire; videography; vinyl record retail; virtual PA.

Wallpaper retail; warm bamboo massage; washroom service and repair; waste collector; watch repair; watch retail; water cooler engineer - excluding plumbing; water cooler engineer - including plumbing; water softener installation, service and repair; water treatment contractor; water treatment plant engineer; waterways service and repair; weather forecasting; web marketing consultancy; website design; wedding band; wedding favours retail; wedding planner; wedding singer; welder; wheelie bin cleaner; white goods retail; wholesaler; will writer; wind turbine installation, service and repair; window cleaner; window dressing; window film installation; window installation and repair; wine retail; wood burning stove contractor - domestic only; wood carver; wood preserver; woodworm and dry rot removal; wool and needlework retail; wool spinners; woollen goods retail; word processing; wreath making; wreath making classes; wrought iron fabrication and installation.

Yacht chandlery - second hand; yacht chandlery; yardsmen; yoga teaching; yoga teaching.

Zoology consultancy; zumba.

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