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Public Liability Insurance

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A public liability policy could save your business from disaster!

It is not obligatory for UK businesses to hold Public Liability Insurance. Perhaps it should be. Having to pay compensation to members of the public who are injured - or even killed - as a result of an accident on business premises like shops, offices, or garages, or are hurt (physically or financially) by perhaps the simplest error on the part of an employee can easily destroy a business.

Some professions insist on it, and an increasing number of businesses and public sector organisations will only work with companies with substantial cover in place.

And yet the smaller the business, the less likely they are to have cover, despite the fact that they are most at risk of financial disaster in the event of a claim.

What is the scale of public liability claims in britain?

According to the UK Government's Compensation recovery Unit there were more than 72,000 claims in the year between 2019 and 2021. Not only did these claims cost business owners (or, hopefully, their insurers) considerable sums of money but they took up an awful lot of time, that could have been spent on business matters instead, because this type of claim can take a very long time to settle - which means heavy legal fees too.

How can public liability insurance soften the blow?

Every insurer has a different public liability package but in general you can get covered against:

☑ Compensation claims for personal injury: for instance if someone slips on your premises, trips over an electrical lead you have plugged into a microphone, or falls over a parcel you have delivered.

☑ Damage to property: for example a plumber who is blamed for leaks that bring down a ceiling, builders who set fire to a house, hairdressers who treat a client with a chemical they are allegic to.

☑ Legal costs: in a defended case these can prove extremely expensive, even if you win your case.

☑ Medical costs: the NHS (quite rightly) try to recover the costs of ambulancees and hospital treatments from businesses held liable for accidents.

Would public liability insurance cover the full costs of a claim?

No, there is usually an excess that the business has to pay, normally £250 or £500 or so but it could vary. This is of course far less than the potential liability, which could run into the millions.

Can I get cover for short term events, such as shows, displays or concerts?

Certainly, some insurers will provide cover for single events, and even run-off insurance (that is cover for future claims, for events or other activities which took place in the past.)

Would it pay for injuries to my employees?

No, this should be covered by your Employer's Liability Insurance (a legal requirement if you employ staff). However some insurers bundle the two types of cover together, to save costs.

How can I buy public liability insurance, or other business insurance?

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